Disabilities for Inclusion

From Silver

One of the goals of Silver is to include a broader range of disabilities and disabilities where the technology changes have created specific barriers that may not have existed at the time the WCAG 2.0 was written.

At this time, this list is a placeholder of brainstorming ideas and is not a definitive list of what will be included in Silver. Please contact the task force if you wish to add to this list.

From the notes of the Task Force meeting of 17 November 2017

  • Tactile and Sensory Processing
  • Autism Spectrum (probably included in COGA TF)
  • switch users - see ID24 talk on switch users and notes from John McNabb
  • voice input users
  • traumatic brain injury (probably included in COGA TF)
  • deaf-blind users
  • aphasia - research project
  • ability impairments, like cerebral palsy with fine motor control
  • AAC users
  • Pain - see see ID24 talk from Accessible Joe
  • Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

From other sources: