Silver Task Force Teleconference

17 Nov 2017


MichaelC, jeanne, ShawnL, Jan, Charles, Imelda, Josie
Jennison, David, Jemma
jeanne, ShawnL


More interview questions for general users

<Lauriat> Adding a question: how well do accessibility guidelines support people with disabilities your organization supports?

Jeanne: Listening to ID24, I was struck by how many disabilities are not covered by WCAG

Charles: Did you watch the session on pain?

Jeanne: Yes, it was striking. Also the session on switch users. I thought they were covered by WCAG, but they have more needs that WCAG doesn't addresss

interview project next steps

Shawn: I have a pilot interview for a next step

<scribe> ACTION: Jeanne to do the pilot interview with Michael Cooper on Conformance

<trackbot> Created ACTION-133 - Do the pilot interview with michael cooper on conformance [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-11-24].

<Charles> for the Conformance Interviews, I came across great considerations in this article from David MacDonald: http://www.davidmacd.com/blog/what-are-WCAG-success-criteria.html

<Jan> I am here, but I am on the phone with a doctor.

making a list of disabilities that we want to be sure we have stakeholders and input from

Shawn: This came from a request from Lisa Seaman following the SIlver presentation to the AG working group
... I was thinking about sending a survey that has an optional question to ask if the person has a disability so we could get an idea of the representation of PwD we are getting.

Charles: Some under-[represented disabilities are Tactile and Sensory Processing

Shawn: Some people on the autism spectrum have so many manifestations of symptons and needs

Jeanne: That is true of low vision as well.
... we need to include the needs of switch users
... voice input users
... traumatic brain injury
... deaf-blind users
... aphasia - we have a researcher that is studying needs of Aphasia users
... ability impairments, like cerebral palsy with fine motor control
... AAC users

Jan: T here is confusion around user symbols for people. This needs more research. Each AAC manufacturer has it's own iconography, and translates that into text. I think that standardizing symbols is the wrong approach
... TBI is under the COGA umbrella

Jeanne: Does TBI covered under COGA? Or do they have specific needs?

Jan: I think COGA will cover it.

Imelda: Among the population who struggle the most at a disability center where we provide services, are those with TBI.

<scribe> ACTION: jeanne to turn the list of underserved disabilities into a document on the wiki.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-134 - Turn the list of underserved disabilities into a document on the wiki. [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-11-24].

Design Workshop

Jeanne: I have started working on that and have reached out to my contact to reserve us space on Monday and Tuesday before CSUN.
... we need to get the info out to people before the end of November

Next meeting

We will meet on Tuesday November 21, and cancel the meeting on Friday November 24 because of US Thanksgiving holiday.

<scribe> scribenick: jeanne

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to do the pilot interview with Michael Cooper on Conformance
[NEW] ACTION: jeanne to turn the list of underserved disabilities into a document on the wiki.

Summary of Resolutions

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