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#svgView(transform(...))) behavior

  • Teleconference (2015-02-26)
    • ACTION-3761 - Add text to say that svgview(transform()) will apply on as an additional transform on the root element, outermost to the transform stack (on Amelia Bellamy-Royds)
    • RESOLUTION: svgView(transform()) will apply on as an additional transform outermost transform on the transform stack

<length> type

<switch> in SVG 2

<a href= ""></a>

ARIA Graphics module


  • Teleconference (2013-11-14)
    • ACTION-3537 - Reference aria 1.1 in svg 2 (on Richard Schwerdtfeger)
    • ACTION-3538 - Clarify html content in <desc> and <title> elements (on Doug Schepers)
    • ACTION-3539 - Work with gerardo and tab to come up with haptic, tactile and 3d media queries (on Doug Schepers)
    • RESOLUTION: <desc> should allow HTML markup and we should have tests for this and recommend this practice
  • Teleconference (2011-03-03)
    • RESOLUTION: We will start an accessibility document for SVG

Accessibility Task Force documents

Accessibility taskforce

Add advice on how to handle className conflict in DOM?

Add x/y/dx/dy to textPath

Adding new integer enum values in light of not going ahead with new SVG DOM

Advanced Gradients

Advanced gradients

  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 3 (2014-04-09)
    • RESOLUTION: We will rename <meshPatch> to <coonsPatch>.
    • RESOLUTION: SVG WG is happy for CG to be formed to begin looking into diffusion curves.


Allow transforms on textPath

Anchor tag nesting and HTML harmonization

Animating filters


Animation Elements

Animation of SVG paths with Web Animations

Animation of path data


Are xpointer target fragments still supported?

Attribute parsing

  • Teleconference (2014-09-11)
    • ACTION-3670 - Update svg 2 to apply changes relating to handling trailing semi-colons and trailing commas (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: accept Brian's proposal for handling trailing semi-colons on animation attributes
  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 1 (2014-04-07)
    • ACTION-3609 - Update attribute parsing according to these resolutions. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: URL attributes will be parsed like in HTML, by stripping leading/trailing white space.
    • RESOLUTION: We will allow leading/trailing white space on integer,number,length,angle but not trailing garbage.
  • Teleconference (2014-03-13)
    • ACTION-3600 - Test behavior on type parsing in html and svg (on Erik Dahlström)
  • Teleconference (2014-02-20)
    • ACTION-3595 - Summarise the kinds of attributes we have and proposed handling of leading/trailing whitespace (on Erik Dahlström)

Attribute parsing overhaul

Avoiding camel case name for meshGradient

Avoiding new camelcase names

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3702 - Write up a list of all new camelcase attributes with a proposal of how to handle them (e.g. rename, keep etc.) (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: Rename <meshGradient> to <mesh> and make the child element names lowercase
    • RESOLUTION: Rename <hatchPath> to <hatchpath>
    • RESOLUTION: Rename <solidColor> to <solidcolor>
    • RESOLUTION: Rename hatchTransform to transform

Baseline properties

Behavior of overflow:auto

  • Teleconference (2015-07-09)
    • RESOLUTION: Overflow:auto should be treated as overflow:visible if scrollbars are not possible for the given element; overflow:scroll should be treated as overflow:hidden if scroll bars are not possible

Behaviour of getCTM on root svg element

Better error handling for nested links


Blending of fill and stroke

Bounding box for text

  • Teleconference (2016-01-14)
    • ACTION-3829 - Clarify that getbbox on tspan/textpath includes only that element's glyphs, but that objectboundingbox values still are computed relative to the entire text element (on Nikos Andronikos)

Bounding boxes

  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 2 (2014-04-08)
    • ACTION-3616 - Write specification text for approximate bounding box that is used with stroke-box keyword (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: Will use an approximate bounding box for stroke-box keyword
  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 1 (2014-04-07)
    • ACTION-3607 - Do spec edits for bounding boxes of text elements: give the union of full glyph cells and the painted area, and include text decorations in the bbox (change for getbbox too) (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3608 - Talk to alan stearns about adding fallback baseline calculations to the css line layout spec and if they will stay in the spec (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: getBBox and resource bounding box (for gradients, mask, etc) to return the union of the glyph cells and ink extends by default.
    • RESOLUTION: for now we won't provide APIs for a tight ink bounding box on text for getBBox or gradient object bounding box or hit detection
    • RESOLUTION: text decoration to be included in the bounding box calculations
  • Teleconference (2014-03-27)
  • Teleconference (2014-03-06)
    • ACTION-3599 - Update specification with path/polyline/polygon resolutions regarding bounding box for missing data (on Nikos Andronikos)
    • RESOLUTION: path/polygon/polyline with no data set (empty or zero valid commands) should not render
    • RESOLUTION: getBBox for path/polygon/polyline with no data set (empty or zero valid commands) should return [0,0,0,0]
    • RESOLUTION: Bounding box for path/polygon/polyline with no data set (empty or zero valid commands) should not contribute to ancestor bounding box
    • RESOLUTION: bounding box for path with some invalid data following some valid data will include the data which is rendered


  • Teleconference (2015-04-23)
    • ACTION-3781 - Add spec text for crossorigin attribute on script, image, use. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: We'll add crossorigin attribute on script, image, use.


CSS Masking

CSS OM and SVG DOM improvements; exposing calc values

  • Teleconference (2013-02-06)
    • ACTION-3446 - Add a string accessor on SVG animated length and to make 'calc', 'attr' and 'var' work (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3447 - Update SVGAnimatedAngle as well (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: add a 'value' attribute to read or write the CSS serialization of a unit length

CSS Variables and Params

CSS syntax in presentation attributes

CSS transforms 2d and 3d

  • Teleconference (2011-02-28)
    • ACTION-2973 - Harvest fx minutes looking for missed actions (on Anthony Grasso)
    • RESOLUTION: svg wants to allow rotation about centrepoint in svg, to align with css. sysntax not yet decided

Cameron's stuff

  • Teleconference (2012-09-19)
    • ACTION-3379 - Make SVGMarkerList item method return an exception when the index is out of range (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3380 - Make the SVGPoint changes to take a mouse event in the constructor (on Cameron McCormack)

Canvas Path2D

Canvas in SVG

Canvas2D API

Catmul curves

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3085 - Make a Catmull Rom editor that takes variable tension parameters. (on Doug Schepers)
    • ACTION-3086 - Suggest audio-volume control properties to CSS WG (on Doug Schepers)
    • RESOLUTION: we will add a Catmull Rom syntax to the path syntax with a tension parameter to control the whole curve (not per-point control).
    • RESOLUTION: we will add a path rotation command.

Changes to Filter Effects and Custom Filters

  • Teleconference (2013-02-06)
    • ACTION-3445 - Email www-style about at-supports filter function (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: Filter Effects changes to use @filter.
    • RESOLUTION: accept proposed descriptors for at-filter rule

Changing <text> attribute 'extent' to 'measure'

  • Teleconference (2015-06-11)
    • RESOLUTION: Rename text attribute 'extent' to inline-size and it's a presentation attribute for that logical property


Discussions about the SVG Working Group's charter, including re-chartering.

Clarify whether 'filter' attribute is valid for <tspan> elements

Closepath & missing coordinates

Color interpolation: scaling, etc.



Continued SVG 2 open issue discussion

Controlling box-sizing for ObjectBoundingBox units ("box-rendering" property?)

Coordinate precision

Coordinates chapter

DOMActivate deprecation and SVG 2.0


Daylight savings switch

Declarative animation

Declarative animation and conformance


Developer event

Direction of markers and line caps on segment boundaries

Discussing issues

Does conditional processing mute sound playback

Draft with the href resolutions

Drop xml:base/lang/space attributes

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3710 - Remove xml:base/space/lang from the svg dom interface (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3711 - write tests and come back to the svg for xml:base (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3712 - Remove xml:lang in favor for hmtl lang (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3713 - Write tests and come back to the svg for xml:base (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3714 - Map xml:space to whitespace property values in css3 text (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: Remove xml:base/space/lang from the SVG DOM interface
    • RESOLUTION: Remove xml:lang in favor for HMTL lang
    • RESOLUTION: Map xml:space to whitespace property values in CSS3 Text

Easier integration of HTML into SVG

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3087 - Put on the FXTF agenda, discussion about HTML positioning in SVG and contact dbaron (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3088 - Illustrate the three options put forward by Tab in the SVG/HTML integration proposal (on Vincent Hardy)
    • ACTION-3089 - Propose auto viewBox sizing and SVG container box sizing for bare <svg> in HTML (on Jennifer Yu)

Engineering diagram requirements

Event attributes

Event attributes in SVG2

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3080 - File a bug on DOMCore to remind Anne about the event move. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG2 will move all events to Element, in accordance with the similar move in HTML.

Exclusion shapes for text


F2F planning

  • Teleconference (2015-06-12)
    • RESOLUTION: Tentative resolution that we meet for 3 days either right before or right after the CSS/Houdini meetings in Sydney

Filter animations

Filter clipping

  • Teleconference (2014-11-13)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG filter primitives must clip their input to the filter region, not the filter primitive subregion

Filter regions

  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 3 (2014-04-09)
    • RESOLUTION: For filter primitives that are unbounded, and the size cannot be computed automatically, the default filter region will be -10%,-10%,120%,120%

Filtering elements when creating use shadow trees


Finishing SVG 2 reuirements

Fitting mesh in a bbx


Full glyph cell term is not defined

Future F2Fs

Geometry Interfaces

Geometry properties

GetSVGDocument deprecation/removal

GetSVGDocument interface


Github issues

Global ECMAScript constructors

  • Teleconference (2011-02-28)
    • ACTION-2976 - Draft on global constructors for selected dom objects (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: add array style indexing and .length and .item to svg list types
    • RESOLUTION: We will draft on global constructors for selected dom objects

Glyph Selection

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3073 - Define how to use <glyphRef>'s glyphRef attribute to point to an openType glyph and make sure it works with the different openType format variations. (on Rik Cabanier)
    • ACTION-3074 - Work with vhardy and text experts on x/y positioning and altGlyphDef and altGlyph. (on Rik Cabanier)
    • ACTION-3075 - Create a proposal for "Groovy Text", i.e., a solution for easily provide the graphical rendering of a piece of text with SVG graphics. (on Doug Schepers)

Gradient stop colours with transparency values



  • F2F/TPAC 2014 day 1 (2014-10-31)
    • ACTION-3679 - Follow up on template - file bugs and investigate the stand alone case (on Brian Birtles)
    • ACTION-3680 - Find someone at blink to implement support for all html elements directly in svg (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3681 - Help brian describe layout for svg in html integration (on Tab Atkins Jr.)

HTML integration

HTML parser lowercasing SVG names

HTML5 drag and drop


  • Teleconference (2012-09-19)
    • ACTION-3381 - Work out the details of the modifications of the initial proposal (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • ACTION-3382 - Think about a compound paint server proposal (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will have a modified version Tav's hatch proposal


How should text following <textPath> be positioned?

Icon use problems

Illustrator output

Impact of CSS Transforms Level 2 on SVG


Interaction of `x` attribute and `startOffset` in a textPath element

Interactivity chapter Issue 4 - Focus management

Interactivity chapter issue 5

Introduction chapter

Invited experts

Is window.SVGDocument required?

Issue 13, 15: Allow 'shape-inside', 'shape-outside' to reference an image

Issue 23 - other namespaced markup in title and desc, what is the purpose?

Issue 32 - drop the offending paragraph? Still add example?

Issue 34 - wasn't entirely clear from f2f minutes, should scripts in external <use> documents run?

Issue 35: Does shape-padding effect text laid out using 'extent'

Issue 39 and 40 - types chapter removed the list-of-t definition, use HTML's set of space-separated tokens definition instead?

Issue 48 - we need to reference for this, can we do that? html5 REC doesn't have this

Issue 49 and 50 - issues belong in geometry or styling chapters (should be defined once for all presentation attributes)

Issue 54, 55, 56, 57 - should shadownodes ever be returned in getIntersectionList/getEnclosureList/checkIntersection/checkEnclosure?

  • Teleconference (2015-03-05)
    • ACTION-3766 - Make getintersectionlist and friend return a <use> but not the elements it references (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: getIntersectionList and friends can return a <use> but not the elements it references

Issue: stroke-dashcorner doesn't work well for rounded rects

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3750 - Make the text changes from today's meeting (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: Move new marker features to a separate marker spec.
    • RESOLUTION: 'text-indent' applies to <text> as it is part of the CSS paragraph level properties.
    • RESOLUTION: dx/dy/rotate are ignored for text with a wrapping context
    • RESOLUTION: Change width/height on <text> to extent

Issues blocking CR

JSON serialization

JSON serialization of SVG

June F2F

Layout properties

Limit pattern & gradient attributes that are inheritable using href

Linking chapter - issue 5

Linking chapter - issue 7

Linking chapter issues

Linking to elements outside a document

  • Teleconference (2014-02-20)
    • ACTION-3594 - Update the spec to clarify behavior of references to elements when they are removed/added from the document (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: if an element that is referenced as a gradient (and similar) is removed from the document, it is no longer able to be referenced

List objects

  • Teleconference (2014-07-17)
    • ACTION-3634 - Edit spec: appending an svg item that is owned by another item should create a copy before appending (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Appending an SVG item that is owned by another item should create a copy before appending

Logical block-size and inline-size properties and svg/rect width/height

London F2F recap & SVG 2 status for CR

Mailing lists

Make SVGUnitTypes a regular interface with only constants

Mapping update

Marker element percentages are missing reference values

Marker knockouts

Marker proposal review

Media fragments and SVG stacks

Media fragments issues

  • Teleconference (2015-08-25)
    • RESOLUTION: We won't add transform-origin/perspective values for view specs.
    • RESOLUTION: viewspec's transform applies after performing the viewbox transform
    • RESOLUTION: The view element always applies to the outermost <svg>, even when inside an inner <svg>.
    • RESOLUTION: Missing viewspec values use the values specified in the document, not resetting them back to their defaults.

Media resources spec review

Mesh Gradients

  • Teleconference (2012-09-19)
    • ACTION-3375 - Find out what method Adobe uses for smoothing mesh gradients and report to group (on Rik Cabanier)
    • ACTION-3376 - Write up a proposal for a triangular representation for gradient meshes (on Cyril Concolato)

Mesh gradient polyfill

Minimal rendered stroke width

Miter line join

Moving some SVG 2 features to WICG

NVIDIA path rendering



New W3C Process document

New charter

New year telcon plans

Next F2F

Non-scaling features

Old specs

Open SVG 2 issues

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3743 - Make stable issue identifiers in the spec (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3744 - Update spec for fill dictionary parameter when called on iframe, canvas, etc (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3745 - Move catmull-rom to svg path module (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3746 - Add use counter for multiple x/y values on text element (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3747 - Take care of overflow section in the masking chapter (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: The fill dictionary parameter doesn't affect bounding box of iframe, canvas, etc
    • RESOLUTION: svg:transform attribute will be moved to a new module
    • RESOLUTION: Will create SVG path module
    • RESOLUTION: remove attributeType and deprecate animation of multiple values in x/y
    • RESOLUTION: lacuna value of y2 on linearGreadient should be zero
    • RESOLUTION: masking.html, issue 2 - Drop overflow-x,y issue and don't do anything specific in SVG
    • RESOLUTION: masking.html ISSUE 3: should overflow:auto really be equivalent to visible? Should be moved to integration spec and removed from SVG 2

Open issues that require discussion

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3717 - Don't stop (on Cyril Concolato)
    • ACTION-3718 - Rework chapter 2 and incorporate references to external specifications (on Nikos Andronikos)
    • ACTION-3719 - Merge 2.5 into 2.7-2.9 (on Nikos Andronikos)
    • ACTION-3720 - Resolve issue 2 in chapter 3 (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3721 - Mark classname as deprecated (issue 4 in chapter 3) (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3722 - Specify that converttospecifiedunits should throw an exception if converting to percentage with 0-sized viewport. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3723 - Put this in the presentation attribute section (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3724 - Do testing around currentscale, ctm, transform, viewport, etc. on 'svg' element (on Dirk Schulze)
    • ACTION-3725 - Measure usage (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3726 - Specify something simple and consistent for timeline start in web animations. (on Brian Birtles)
    • ACTION-3727 - Add the idl for <discard> and move it to animation chapter. (on Cyril Concolato)
    • ACTION-3728 - Talk to rich about issues 24/25 (terminology around title/desc/aria stuff) (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3729 - Talk with pdr and dmitri about how to describe <use> with web components (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3730 - Define viewport for external document when an element references an element in this document (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3731 - Pausenaimations and onpauseanimations do not effect css animations (on Brian Birtles)
    • RESOLUTION: remove unit accessors on SVGAnimatedLength
    • RESOLUTION: remove unit accessors on SVGAnimatedLength
    • RESOLUTION: remove nearestViewportElement and farthestViewportElement
    • RESOLUTION: remove hasExtension
    • RESOLUTION: adopt whatever Web Animations behaviour is specced and link to it from here.
    • RESOLUTION: Leave 'em
    • RESOLUTION: Drop the paragraph
    • RESOLUTION: Drop the <g> example
    • RESOLUTION: remove this sentence
    • RESOLUTION: remove paragraph and example
    • RESOLUTION: Drop the offending sentence about styling <title>.
    • RESOLUTION: Remove issue 22.
    • RESOLUTION: Remove issue 22.
    • RESOLUTION: Remove the example about foreign-namespace content in <desc>.
    • RESOLUTION: Animations in external resources should run
    • RESOLUTION: switch does not effect style
    • RESOLUTION: ViewCSS should be on window and DocumentCSS on document
    • RESOLUTION: Remove ViewCSS and DocumentCSS
    • RESOLUTION: Remove pixelUnitTo....
    • RESOLUTION: Remove getElementById on SVGSVGElement

Other Github issues

Overflow on viewport creating elements

  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 1 (2014-04-07)
    • ACTION-3606 - Figure out the overflow behavior in svg (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: outer-most svg elements of inline fragments will be overflow: hidden by default
    • RESOLUTION: svg:svg elements should allow overflow: scroll to create scrollbars
    • RESOLUTION: overflow property on root svg elements still controls if there should be scrollbars but there should be a clipping rectangle that

Paint server rendering when objectBoundingBox is zero

Painting chapter issues

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3749 - Make miter-limit work on arc line caps in this way (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: arc line caps are affected by miter-limit by measuring along the middle arc and clipping a straight line perpendicular at that point

Panning and zooming

Paris & Sydney F2F meetings

Path methods

  • Teleconference (2014-06-26)
    • ACTION-3633 - Add text for getpointatlength and getpathsegatlength to describe behavior when there is not path data or when the index/length is beyond the ends of the path (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: getPointAtLength will return a 0,0 point if there is no path data and we will add an issue about this to the spec
    • RESOLUTION: getPointAtLength and getPathSegAtLength with clamp their input to be at the start / end of the path appropriate and so always return a valid point / path segment index
  • Teleconference (2014-06-19)

Path stroking conformance

Path stroking for paths that end with tight curves

Paths chapter issues

Performance scaling


Potential Editor's meeting / F2F in June

Presentation attributes

Progress report of browser implementation for SVG Map

Proposal: drop the SVGPathSeg* interfaces and related methods/attributes

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3715 - Verify that the svgpathseg interface use counter values are correct and to drop the interfaces if they are (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: Drop the SVGPathSeg* interfaces if Erik verifies the use counter values are correct

Publication of the Accessibility mapping document

Publish SVG Animation CR

Publishing an SVG Path Module

  • Teleconference (2015-06-25)
    • RESOLUTION: We will publish a first draft of the Paths module at the same time as an updated draft of SVG 2

Publishing new drafts of SVG Accessibility specs

Putting SVG 2 spec on GitHub

  • F2F/London 2014 day 1 (2014-08-22)
    • RESOLUTION: We will move SVG WG's specs from the W3C mercurial server to Github
    • RESOLUTION: We will migrate tests from svg2-tests to either the CSS test repository or web-platform-tests (or both)

Quick question about mask: <funciri> auto

Raw cubic bezier coordinate list accessors

Reference box keywords


Removal of viewTarget attribute

Remove above two interfaces.

Rendering chapter issues

Requirements reevaluation continued

  • Teleconference (2013-02-06)
    • ACTION-3448 - Clarify the behaviour of unknown elements in SVG 2. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3449 - Do the "Improve the fallback mechanism using switch" requirement. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3450 - Do the "Provide positioning information in MouseEvents" SVG 2 requirement. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3451 - Do the "Support CSS3 image-fit" SVG 2 requirement. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3452 - Align SVG 2 with css3-values. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3453 - Allow the clip-path property to reference non-<clipPath> elements in SVG 2, and to allow <g> in a <clipPath>. (on Rik Cabanier)
    • ACTION-3454 - Do the "Promote some attributes to properties" SVG 2 requirement. (on Dirk Schulze)
    • ACTION-3455 - Investgate making the canvas font metrics interface without needing a <canvas> element. (on Rik Cabanier)
    • RESOLUTION: We will drop the unknown-elements-are-rendered requirement from SVG 2.
    • RESOLUTION: We will drop the "foreignObject can be automatically sized" requirement for SVG 2.
    • RESOLUTION: Keep the "Improve the fallback mechanism using switch" requirement in SVG 2.
    • RESOLUTION: The "Provide a way to control audio level and playback" SVG 2 requirement does not need any action, as we will get this functionality from HTMLAudioElement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Provide positioning information in MouseEvents" requirement in SVG 2.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Support CSS3 image-fit" SVG 2 requirement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will defer the "Make it easier to write a zoom/pan widget" SVG 2 requirement unless a concrete proposal is forthcoming.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Align with CSS Value and Units" SVG 2 requirement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Deprecate baseline-shift and use vertical-align" SVG 2 requirement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Allow video elements to have captions, tracks, etc" SVG 2 requirement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Allow clip to reference any element" SVG 2 requirement.
    • RESOLUTION: We will keep the "Promote some attributes to properties" SVG 2 requirement for now, and hope Dirk gets time to do it.
    • RESOLUTION: We will defer the "Have an advance font metrics interface" to the canvas spec.

Requiring foreignObject HTML behavior

Requiring style sheet support

Resolving on getting SVG 2 to CR

  • Teleconference (2015-06-09)
    • ACTION-3793 - Remove gettransformtoelement (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3794 - Make external <use> be explicitly undefined and remove crossorigin attribute (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3795 - Make objectboundingbox on meshes cause the path syntax to be interpreted as 0..1 bounding box values (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • ACTION-3796 - Remove the svg path list interfaces, and move the new proposed api to the path module (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3797 - Remove <number> from geometry properties (on Dirk Schulze)
    • ACTION-3798 - Remove feature strings (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Drop getTransformToElement
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will leave external <use> as undefined and mention in a note that we plan to work on defining it in a future/separate spec
    • RESOLUTION: We will remove the Feature Strings appendix and the requiredFeatures="" attribute.

Resource element percentage values

Resource priorities

Restore SVGSVGElement.prototype.getElementById

Revised text layout proposal

  • Teleconference (2012-07-24)
    • RESOLUTION: textPath must not surrounded by text element anymore.
    • RESOLUTION: Add Camerons proposal to spec and ask for wider feedback


SVG 2 Appendices

SVG 2 CR publication update

SVG 2 CR publishing plans

SVG 2 Chapter Assessment

SVG 2 Chapters

SVG 2 Issues

SVG 2 Open Issues Discussion

  • Teleconference (2015-04-09)
    • ACTION-3776 - Test browser-interoperability with respect to stroke dashing on basic shapes (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: Stroke dashing should work as normal on text, but the specifications will not define the starting point for a dash offset.
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 should recommend but not require that image resampling is done in a linear color space.

SVG 2 User Agent Implementation Guide

SVG 2 WD publication date

SVG 2 accessibility appendix update

SVG 2 issues

SVG 2 open issue discussion

SVG 2 progress update

SVG 2 scope

SVG 2 section signoff for publication

  • Teleconference (2012-07-24)
    • ACTION-3329 - Remove support for top-level <font-face> for external font referencing support (on Chris Lilley)
    • ACTION-3331 - Add back property definition tables (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3332 - Add notes to SVG2 referencing Compositing, and remove any duplicated text if that can be done before publication (on Nikos Andronikos)
    • ACTION-3333 - Remove eRR from SVG2 (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3334 - Define "default object size" so that css3-images <image> works for SVG paints (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3335 - Work out whether to add a new repo for all new modules, or a new repo for each (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG2 will drop support for top-level <font-face> in favour of @font-face, but keep <font-face> child of <font> for SVG Fonts
    • RESOLUTION: SVG WG agrees with publishing the Compositing spec
    • RESOLUTION: We will publish SVG2 FPWD mid August

SVG 2 status

  • Teleconference (2015-03-12)
    • RESOLUTION: That SVG will support ::before and ::after pseudoelements with text content (and possibly other types of replaced content), subject to resolving other text layout issues first

SVG Accessibility

SVG Accessibility API Mappings

SVG Animation and SVG Integration specs

SVG Color

SVG Compositing


SVG DOM continued

SVG DOM improvements

SVG DOM list object identity

SVG Fonts

  • Teleconference (2011-03-01)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will mandate support for SVG Tiny fonts support, and SVG Full fonts will be specified in a separate module.

SVG IG Japan report

SVG Integration

SVG Integration spec

SVG MIME Type (image/svg+xml) is misleading to developers

SVG Parameters

SVG Streaming

SVG Vector Effects

  • Teleconference (2011-07-29)
    • ACTION-3094 - Write up spec text for currentFillPaint, etc. (on Chris Lilley)
    • ACTION-3095 - Go through the last few f2f minutes to find resolutions for SVG2 items, and add them to the wiki page. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: We will add new paint values currentFillPaint, currentStrokePaint etc. to SVG 2
    • RESOLUTION: Keep constructive geometry operations in VE and see if it's possible.

SVG documentation

SVG feature interest from implementors

SVG fragment rasterization

SVG functionality in Canvas

SVG in Canvas


  • Teleconference (2011-03-01)
    • ACTION-2986 - Mail the EPUB WG to ask whether width/height on root <svg> elements should be allowed (on Chris Lilley)
    • ACTION-2987 - Contact Murata-san about an RNG schema for SVG 1.1 Second Edition (on Chris Lilley)
    • ACTION-2988 - Talk to Yves Lafon about adding a new profile to the CSS validator for EPUB3-supported properties (on Chris Lilley)

SVG in OpenType

SVG in Web IDL

  • Teleconference (2012-07-24)
    • ACTION-3324 - Do all this interface stuff (Proposals/IDL interface reorganization) (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3325 - Atkins to take HTML and Iframe view-box property to the CSS working group (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3326 - Birtles to write up a proposal for view-box property for SVG (on Brian Birtles)

SVG integration

  • Teleconference (2011-02-28)
    • ACTION-2979 - Write a proposal for external reference restrictions, with whitelists and blacklists (on Doug Schepers)
    • ACTION-2980 - Add examples to each referencing mode in svg integration (on Doug Schepers)
    • ACTION-2981 - Add another referencing mode for the banner ad use-case, noscript but with interactivity (on Doug Schepers)

SVG next phase

SVG sizing

SVG streaming

SVG stroke/corner demo

SVG/CSS Matrix harmonisation

  • Teleconference (2013-02-06)
    • ACTION-3444 - Write up a spec for Matrix (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will reference the new Matrix specification and replace SVGMatrix with Matrix, once that spec is ready.

SVG/HTML integration

SVG2 (and modules) publication status/deadline

SVG2 issues



SVGDocument interface (alias to Document?)

SVGElement implementing global event handlers (onfoo)

  • Teleconference (2013-11-14)
    • ACTION-3542 - Ask in the thread about whether svg specific event handlers should go on globaleventhandlers, or separately on svgelement (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3543 - Make svgelement implement globaleventhandlers in svg2. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: We will have "SVGElement implements GlobalEventHandlers" in SVG2's IDL.

SVGLength/SVGAngle constructors

  • Teleconference (2015-06-11)
    • ACTION-3801 - Remove constructors from svg data type interfaces and note deprecation of create methods (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: remove constructors from SVG data type interfaces


SVGOpen F2F meeting

SVGResize and SVGScroll



SVGSVGlement.currentView and SVGSVGElement.useCurrentView

  • Teleconference (2015-06-11)
    • ACTION-3800 - Remove currentview, usecurrentview and svgviewspec (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: remove currentView and useCurrentView properties on SVGSVGElement and remove SVGViewSpec interface



SVGz in SVG 2

Security of resource documents

  • Teleconference (2013-06-03)
    • ACTION-3502 - Talk to Doug, Anne, Boris and Roc about resource handling security in SVG and ask for review of the model (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: images should not allow any external resources and run in Secure Animated Mode


Self review - security and privacy questionnaire

Shadow DOM

  • F2F/Seattle 2014 day 2 (2014-01-31)
    • ACTION-3579 - Ask somebody what to do about content/shadow inheriting from htmlelement (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3580 - Remove <use> element instance tree. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will remove the SVG instance tree for <use>.
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will base <use> on shadow tree spec.

Should the SVGAnimatedPathData interface be a [NoInterfaceObject]

Spec synthesis of viewBox/preserveAspectRatio for viewBox-less SVGs in image contexts

Stacking contexts, cont.

  • Teleconference (2013-06-03)
    • ACTION-3498 - note those things that create a stacking context in the spec (on Rik Cabanier)
    • RESOLUTION: buffered-rendering:auto/dynamic never create a stacking context; "static" does.

Starting SVG 2

Starting on SVG 2

Stroke-dash animation of paths


Switch and conditional processing issues

Switch with non rendered (audio and visual ) content

Switching to webex

Sydney 2016 Face-to-Face

  • Teleconference (2015-06-25)
    • RESOLUTION: The SVG WG will have a F2F meeting in Sydney 2-4 February 2016, co-located with and partially overlapping the CSS WG meetings.

Symbol reference position

  • F2F/London 2014 day 4 (2014-08-26)
    • ACTION-3662 - Add top/center/bottom, left/center/right keywords to refx/refy on marker/symbol in the spec (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: We will add top/center/bottom, left/center/right keywords to refX/refY on marker/symbol
  • F2F/London 2014 day 1 (2014-08-22)
    • RESOLUTION: symbol will be overflow:visible by default by the UA style sheet in SVG 2
    • RESOLUTION: All viewport-establishing elements will be overflow:visible by default, except for root <svg> of SVG whole documents.
  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 2 (2014-04-08)
    • ACTION-3618 - Add refx/refy to symbol (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: Add refX/refY to symbol element


Telcon day

Telcon time


Test repository

  • F2F/London 2014 day 4 (2014-08-26)
    • ACTION-3663 - Add a couple of svg tests to w-p-t and mail the wg with those examples. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG tests will live in web-platform-tests, with Shepherd managing test results.




Text Issue 3 - semantics of foreignObject

Text bounding box

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3742 - Spec behaviour of getbbox on text (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: for text bounding boxes with specified width, % or px, then the bounding box is the specified width with height being the height of CSS box that is created - otherwise bounding box is union of all child text bounding boxes

Text flow

Text layout

Text on a shape

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3737 - Update textpath for text on a shape. (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: We will allow <textPath> to reference shapes and a flag to say which side of the path the text is put.


The Graphical Web

The HTML <base> element and same-page URL references

The topic index

Transform on SVG View

Units in path data

Unknown elements behaving as g

Upcoming TPAC meeting

  • Teleconference (2015-06-12)
    • ACTION-3812 - Look at svg spec for references to <use> element, to make sure there is no confusion about implementation/accessibility. (on Amelia Bellamy-Royds)
    • RESOLUTION: We cancel the TPAC 2015 SVG meeting.

Update Web Annotation WG

Update on SVG Accessibility Task Force

Update on Telcon Time Survey

Use CSS gradient rules for transitioning semi-transparent stop-colors

Use element re-write & related changes

Using Bikeshed for SVG specs

Variable Width Stroke

Variable stroke width


Web Animations

Web Animations continued


What is going to happen to the SVG DOM

What makes a stacking context?

What should image { width:auto } result in?

  • Teleconference (2015-06-11)
    • ACTION-3803 - Update spec to say what auto means for each element that uses it (on Rossen Atanassov)
    • RESOLUTION: for width and height on foreignObject, video, and iframe - auto means 300x150
    • RESOLUTION: SVG image elements with no width or height is sized just like HTMLs image element

What to do with the embedded content chapter

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3703 - Change embedded content chapter to allow these things from resolution: allow html nsed elements audio, video, canvas, iframe in an svg subtree as a child of a container element with the containing block being the nearest svg viewport and blockyfied (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3704 - Write the svg layout spec (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3705 - Convince hixie to make the hmtl parser changes + x/y presentation attributes on the canvas,... elements for svg (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3706 - Allow templates in svg which needs html parser changes (on Tab Atkins Jr.)
    • ACTION-3707 - Investigate which html elements like <link> we might want to also allow in svg (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Allow HTML NSed elements audio, video, canvas, iframe in an SVG subtree as a child of a container element with the containing block being the nearest SVG viewport and blockyfied

What to do with z and w properties of DOMPoint?

Whether writing-mode should have a presentation attribute

Work on SVG Authoring Guide

XLink deprecation

Zoom media feature

  • Teleconference (2013-11-14)
    • ACTION-3536 - Review resource priorities specification (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: We will spec what browsers are currently doing - use SVGElement interface for unknown elements.

adding pathLength to textPath



animVal and baseVal


  • Teleconference (2014-01-16)
    • ACTION-3557 - And brian to figure out who gets the action (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3558 - Remove animatecolor from svg2 (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: We will remove animateColor from SVG2 (and mention it in the changes appendix)

animations chapter

  • Teleconference (2015-04-16)
    • ACTION-3780 - Reference css' definition of whitespace for the s production in the animations chapter (issue 2) (on Rossen Atanassov)
    • RESOLUTION: align what is considered whitespace in animations chapter with CSS, by referencing css' definition of whitespace

arc linejoin fallback

array getters/setters

auto closing path closing

back to writing modes

base and xml:base

  • Teleconference (2015-08-25)
    • ACTION-3816 - Add a note to the spec for authors to beward of url(#localid) resolving against the base url. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: fill:url(#something) is resolved against the base URL, just like other CSS properties.
    • RESOLUTION: Remove xml:base.

blending with backdrop of multiple fill/stroke

  • Teleconference (2015-06-12)
    • ACTION-3810 - Update the painting chapter about multiple fills/strokes not isolating (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: Multiple fills and strokes are not isolated; they are all blended with the backdrop

blink's intent to deprecate SMIL

  • Teleconference (2015-04-30)
    • ACTION-3785 - Look into animval/baseval (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3786 - Coordinate a gap analysis between features in svg animation and css animations/transitions (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Move the SVG Animation features to a separate spec

border brushes

buffered rendering

buffered rendering and image flattening

  • Teleconference (2012-07-24)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG <image> will allow declarative or frame-based animated images
    • RESOLUTION: SVG2 won't have a flatten to image feature


camelcased attributes

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3716 - Do the attribute lowercasing (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: gradientTransform on mesh is renamed to transform
    • RESOLUTION: keep current namign of hatchUnits and hatchContentUnits
    • RESOLUTION: rename hatchTransform to transform
    • RESOLUTION: timelineBegin attribute name and keywords are lowercased


  • Teleconference (2014-02-27)
    • ACTION-3598 - Change the content model of <canvas> in svg to allow the same child elements as <g>. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: We will allow the standard container element content model within SVG <canvas>.

changing overflow behaviour of markers in UA style sheet

chapter 19, extensibility

chapter styling

  • Teleconference (2015-02-11)
    • ACTION-3732 - Update presentation property table (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3733 - Investigate whether |symbol { overflow: hidden }| ua style sheet rule is needed (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: first rule on UA style: remove svg and image
    • RESOLUTION: svg:not(:root) { overflow: hidden; } goes in the UA style sheet

compositing a bit more

computed value for <length>

  • Teleconference (2015-03-05)
    • ACTION-3763 - Update svg 2 to make properties with <length>s compute down to absolute px values. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3764 - Talk to tab about implicit number units in properties (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3765 - Add a note about avoiding unitless values (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Properties defined in SVG will have <length> values compute down to absolute px values.

context-* values

coordinate precision in generated content

css dependencies

current gradient issues.

  • Teleconference (2011-07-29)
    • ACTION-3097 - Propose wording for the edge case where a radialGradient's focal point sits on the edge of the circle and the gradient repeats. the spec. should say that when the focal point is on the circle edge, with repeat, then the distance between the first and last stop for the repeating colors is 0 and the paint should generate a color that is the average of all the gradient stops. (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: the spec. should say that when the focal point is on the circle edge, with repeat, then the distance between the first and last stop for the repeating colors is 0 and the paint should generate a color that is the average of all the gradient stops.


data-* attributes

  • Teleconference (2015-01-15)
    • ACTION-3694 - Add "data-*" attributes notes to spec. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: "We will reserve "data-*" attributes to be used in SVG content. The API for handling them is on element.

defer in preserveAspectRatio

definitions in Transforms Level 1

deprecating target=replace

  • Teleconference (2015-02-26)
    • ACTION-3760 - Make the '_replace' keyword for @target obsolete and add a note explaning why it was removed (on Amelia Bellamy-Royds)
    • RESOLUTION: make the '_replace' keyword for @target obsolete and add a note explaning why it was removed

deprecating xlink:href


  • Teleconference (2015-01-22)
    • RESOLUTION: The SVG text selection methods will be defined in terms of selection API calls and also deprecated

embedded content chapter

enable-background issues

event attribute

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3092 - Collect the events from SVG as a delta with respect to HTML (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3093 - Add a note to the SVG spec about ISSUE-2176 (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: We decide to resolve ISSUE-2176 by introducing evt as an alias to event in event handlers

extract part of an SVG image by its id

extrapolated line join


feBlend issues

  • Teleconference (2013-06-03)
    • ACTION-3497 - Define a new attribute (nocomposite?) on feBlend that turns off the compositing effect. (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: Keep feBlend's current behavior (where it blends and composites), but add an attribute that turns off compositing.


  • Teleconference (2014-11-13)
    • RESOLUTION: If feImage refers to a missing resource, it should produce transparent black such that it fills the filter primitive subregion
    • RESOLUTION: If there are broken references within the filter chain, the filtered element must not be rendered


fill and stroke shorthand

first-line and first-letter


  • Teleconference (2015-01-22)
    • RESOLUTION: forceRedraw and suspendRedraw will be neutered/deprecated and may be removed in future depending on the results of Erik's tests in Blink?


  • F2F/Leipzig 2014 day 2 (2014-04-08)
    • ACTION-3614 - Edit svg 2 to make width and height presentation attributes on foreignobject (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: make width and height attributes on foreignObject element presentation attributes

fr attribute on radialGradients

  • Teleconference (2011-07-29)
    • ACTION-3098 - Provide spec. wording for the fr attribute on <radialGradient> (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: add an fr attribute to <radialGradient> for SVG 2.0.


  • F2F/Seattle 2014 day 2 (2014-01-31)
    • ACTION-3581 - Add the extended getbbox to svg 2. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will extend getBBox with a dictionary parameter, including whether clip-path is included, and getStrokeBBox will go away.


global coordinate system


how textPath works with path seg lists

  • Teleconference (2015-06-12)
    • ACTION-3808 - Make pathseglist on textpath only reflect the d attribute, not the href'ed path (on Erik Dahlström)
    • RESOLUTION: pathSegList on textPath should only reflect the d attribute, not the href'ed path

image-rendering property and why Tab is redefining it

initial clipping path

initial value of 'd' property

issues listed under "needing discussion"

lacuna values

marker orient

marker orientation issues

marker-segment and marker-pattern

meeting at TPAC?

more SVG 2 issues

multiple paint servers on one element

  • Teleconference (2013-06-03)
    • ACTION-3500 - Put multiple fills/strokes in SVG 2. (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: We will allow multiple paints in the fill and stroke properties in SVG 2.
    • RESOLUTION: <hatch angle> will be renamed <hatch rotate>.

nearestViewportElement and farthestViewportElement

  • Teleconference (2013-11-14)
    • ACTION-3544 - Add use counters to see if nearestviewportelement/furthestviewportelement are used (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3545 - Change nearestviewportelement/furthestviewportelement to be element (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: We will make nearestViewportElement / furthestViewportElement be Elements, not SVGElement

new SVG DOM proposal

new TR stylesheets

next svg f2f meetings

no title/desc in switch


object-fit and object-position

  • Teleconference (2011-03-03)
    • ACTION-3001 - Gather up issues regarding object-fit and it's applied to SVG and email CSS Working Group (on Jonathan Watt)
    • RESOLUTION: SVG 2 will require object-fit and object-position

objectBoundingBox percentage values

optimizing for machine generation

outline and background

  • F2F/Seattle 2014 day 2 (2014-01-31)
    • RESOLUTION: outline will resolve to our definition of stroke bounding box
    • RESOLUTION: add outline, background-color, and padding to SVG2 with hit-testing to be determined later

pAR defer


path extensions

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3084 - Create a proposal where the R/r commands impact the following commands (until the next r/R command occurence) and add a way to set the rotation to the current tangent on the path. (on Cameron McCormack)

path segment list DOM API

performance issues

pixelUnitToMillimeterX and pixelUnitToMillimeterY

  • Teleconference (2014-05-08)
    • ACTION-3623 - Deprecate deprecate pixelunittomillimeterx, pixelunittomillimetery, screenpixeltomillimeterx, screenpixeltomillimetery in the spec. (on Dirk Schulze)


polar element

position and accuracy of spatial data

positioning attributes on textPath directly

publishing another WD of SVG 2

radialGradient @fr

removal of requiredFeatures

removing features without replacements

rendering-mode: animate

  • Teleconference (2012-09-19)
    • ACTION-3385 - Add notes to {shape,text}-rendering auto to mention not doing pixel snapping when animating (on Doug Schepers)
    • RESOLUTION: {shape,text}-rendering should say that "auto" means that pixel snapping shouldn't be done when animating

review of hatches

  • Teleconference (2013-06-03)
    • ACTION-3499 - Gather ideas for solving IDPF issues and send that as a liaison (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: Hatch will only support solid color paint servers



rounded corners

  • Teleconference (2012-09-19)
    • ACTION-3386 - Add the r="" proposal to SVG 2. (on Doug Schepers)
    • ACTION-3387 - Extend rx/ry on rect to allow lists of values. (on Chris Lilley)
    • RESOLUTION: We add Doug's r="" proposal for rounded corners for shape-y elements, and pending the math, for paths too.

shadow trees on text content elements and text positioning attributes

sharing path segments

shepherd for svg repo

should fill-rule apply to text elements?

should viewTarget match :target

spaces/commas in SVG view specification


stroke-dashcorner and stroke-dashadjust



svg 1.1 se testsuite status

svg2 dom

svg2 issues

  • Teleconference (2015-02-12)
    • ACTION-3739 - Add a new keyword value to the x and y properties that means use-the-list-of-lengths in the attributes, and set that with the ua stylesheet and add a note to say that it's still an open issue (on Dirk Schulze)
    • ACTION-3740 - Review the svg2 coordinate chapter (on Dirk Schulze)
    • ACTION-3741 - Make defer be ignored in par (on Dirk Schulze)
    • RESOLUTION: don't make the layout properties into presentation attributes on the gradient elements
    • RESOLUTION: add a new keyword value to the x and y properties that means use-the-list-of-lengths in the attributes, and set that with the UA stylesheet
    • RESOLUTION: make defer do nothing (and investigate removing it later)

svg2 issues in the color chapter



systemLanguage attribute

telcon day

text warping

  • Teleconference (2011-07-27)
    • ACTION-3076 - Come up with API proposal for exposing glyph path data. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3077 - Reach out to Bob Hopgood for information about path warping for text. (on Vincent Hardy)
    • ACTION-3078 - Contact Israel about path warping information. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • ACTION-3079 - Contact Nathan Hurst about lib2geom for information about path warping. (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: We will provide a way to get glyph path data via some API.



  • Teleconference (2011-03-03)
    • ACTION-3003 - Add text-overflow in SVG 2 (on Erik Dahlström)
    • ACTION-3004 - Remove the tests from the SVG 1.1 tests suite that relate to xml:space (on Chris Lilley)
    • ACTION-3005 - Draft a proposal to use CSS whitespace in SVG 2 (on Jonathan Watt)
    • RESOLUTION: We will add text-overflow in SVG 2
    • RESOLUTION: We drop xml:space from SVG 2 and remove the relating tests from the SVG 1.1. test suite



  • Teleconference (2014-09-04)
    • ISSUE-2462 - Should y move glyphs orthogonal to the text path?.
    • ACTION-3666 - Take an action to check to make sure on the text layout. (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • ACTION-3667 - Clarify in the text that startoffset is an additional transform to any x or y (on Tavmjong Bah)
    • RESOLUTION: x and y attributes do apply to glyphs within a text path. x supplies horizontal text. y applies to vertical text.

transform on root <svg>

  • Teleconference (2015-05-21)
    • ACTION-3792 - Contact css working group regarding default style rule for transform on root element (on Cameron McCormack)
    • RESOLUTION: the default value of transform-origin on a root svg element is a default of 50%,50%

transform-origin on SVG elements


unrestricted double for SVGLength etc.


use element style inheritance

variable width stroke


viewbox property

white spaces edits in SVG

writing modes

x/y/width/height on <symbol>


zero value for pathLength

zoom feature for media queries

zoom media features