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The W3C SVG Working Group, is a public group to continue development on a vector graphics format, and associated details such as APIs and multimedia. The language is meant to bring rich, interactive, and interoperable graphics to the Web and the desktop. W3C Members are invited to join the SVG WG.


Group information
CharterUntil 29 February 2024
Memberslist of SVG Working Group members
Public discussion (archive)
Public, WG-only mailing (archive)
IssuesSVG Core
GitHubspec repo
TeleconferencesAs needed, See the Meetings page for details.
Current work
SVG 2Candidate Recommendation (Sept 2016), Editor's Draft, repo, planning
SVG-AAM Working Draft (Sept 2016), [ Editor's draft


The Working Group conducts its technical work on GitHub issues.

Public feedback or questions about SVG2 or SVG-AAM may be sent to, or preferably, submitted as GitHub issues.

Non-confidential, non-technical discussion by the Working Group is held on (archive).

For answers to some common questions, please see the SVG FAQ.


We hold telcons (teleconferences enhanced by IRC chat), as needed. Meeting minutes are posted to to


The SVG WG charter is publicly available.


For a current list of Members organizations of the SVG WG, see the Public database.


All current work is available to the public in the SVG GIT Repository. See SVG2/Authoring Guide for editing information.


The SVG WG maintains an up-to-date Roadmap of all our work, with difference from our charter highlighted.

Test Suites

Test Suite Overview


SVG2 Planning Page

SVG2 Spec structure


Test repository

The SVG Working Group provides test suites for it's specifications.

Accepted test formats are: