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There are regular weekly SVG teleconferences. Each telcon lasts one hour.


Times current as of 7th April 2016.

Telcon Times
UTC Pacific US/Canada Central US/Canada Eastern US/Canada UK Central Europe Japan E. Australia
Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday
20:30 13:30 14:30 16:30 21:30 22:30 05:30 06:30

See the W3C Teleconference page. Note that the reference timezone for the telcon is EST, which is important to know when daylight savings time changes. Check e.g to see what that translates to in your timezone.


Phone: +1-617-324-0000 (access code: 649 040 824)

IRC for minutes/discussion: #svg on, port 6665

WebEx logistics:


Minutes are taken on a rotating schedule (ie. the person who took minutes most recently should be the least likely candidate for the next meeting Minutes Archive.

You are encouraged to take minutes on IRC, using the "#svg" channel on You can use a dedicated IRC client, or W3C's browser-based CGI interface.

In order to get automatic logging you need to tell trackbot to start the telcon: trackbot, start telcon. Trackbot in turn invites rrsagent which does logging and makes minutes, and zakim, which does bridge and agenda management. To wind up a telcon and make minutes, type trackbot, end telcon (which in turn will issue the commands zakim, bye and then rrsagent, make minutes).

RRSAgent will give a url to the minutes, copy the url and append ",text" to it, load it and copy the text output into an email. Copy the original url that RRSAgent provided, add that to the mail too. Then send the mail to, using a subjectline that includes the meeting type and date. For a complete example, see e.g

F2F Meeting Information

Upcoming F2Fs

Related Conferences

Here are some conferences that we might share attendance with:

Relevant Holidays

There are several holidays that may affect various participants:

  • Passover (begins at sunset on first day): 22-30 April 2016, 10-18 April 2017, 30 March-4 April 2018.
  • Easter: Sunday, 27 March 2016, 16 April 2017, 1 April 2018.
  • Halloween: 31 October, every year.

Past F2Fs

See the F2F category page for a complete listing of the past F2F meetings.