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Chapel Hill, NC SVG F2F Meeting, 8-12 June 2009

The SVG Chapel Hill F2F meeting will take place at the Doug Schepers' house. Wireless network connectivity and phone service will be made available. The address is 601 Caswell Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

The meeting dates are one week after the CSS WG F2F in Sophia-Antipolis, and it is expected that we will follow up on coordination issues discussed at that meeting.


Telcon Times
Day AM1 AM2 PM1 PM2
  • Agenda
  • pointer-events
  • jwatt's errata issues
  • CSS
  • MAE
  • Integration
  • SVG 2
  • Making things properties
  • Fonts
  • Compositing
  • Print
  • Color module
  • Transforms
  • Open issues and actions
  • Integration
  • Accessibility
  • Params
  • HTML5 / SVG
  • Filters
  • SVG 1.1 Rev. 2
  • SVG 1.1F2 testsuite
  • Layout
  • CSS integration
  • Simple keywords
  • New DOM
  • ISSUE-2042 XLink-less links


Please answer the Chapel Hill F2F 2009 registration form before Monday 2 June 2008.

Hotel information

Here is a Google Maps search for nearby hotels.

The two nearest hotels are:

  • Siena Hotel: nice but pricey, $164/night, free wifi
  • Chapel Hill InnTown (furnished condominiums): $110/night for a double, $85/night for a single, +$5/night for wifi

More details on on hotels and tourism information on Chapel Hill, North Carolina will be posted soon.



The local airport is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, with the airport code RDU. This airport is approximately 30 minutes from Doug's house by car, in good traffic.

Ground Transportation

Chapel Hill has a fairly good public transport system. Buses within the town are free, and buses to and from other cities and the airport (TTA buses) are reasonably priced, though are intended for normal work hours. Arrangements can be made with Doug for rides to and from the airport.

Cars can be rented fairly cheaply online beforehand, but will be much more expensive on the spot; if you intend to drive, reserve a car in advance.


Type B socket, 20A/125V (and to a lesser extent, theType B socket).


Currency is US Dollars. 1 USD approximately equals 0.79 EUR and 1.57 AUD. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


Free wifi is common in hotels and homes, as well as coffee shops, some restaurants, and other public places.


Mostly Mexican. There are plenty of nearby restaurants of various types, though we may need to coordinate transportation to get there.

Local Tourism

None. No beaches, no castles, no mountains. Sorry. There are a few little museums, good music venues, and some mildly historical places. Megan and Doug will be happy to show you around what local color exists, and if there is interest, we could arrange a trip to the beach or the mountains, each 3 hours away in opposite directions. Why do I live here, again?