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This page provides information about the SVG Working Group face-to-face meeting that will be hosted by Mozilla Japan in Tokyo in 2013 except for the joint FXTF meeting which will be hosted at Google.


Monday 3 – Wednesday 5 June 2013, inclusive.

Wednesday 5 June will be a combined FXTF meeting with the CSS WG and will be hosted at Google.


Mozilla Japan 1F
7-5-6 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo
106-0032 Japan

〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木7-5-6
Mozilla Japan 1F

The joint FXTF meeting with the CSSWG on Wednesday 5 June will be hosted at Google which is also in Roppongi:

Google Japan
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 26F
6-10-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo
106-6126 Japan

六本木ヒルズ森タワー 26F

The area map shows both locations


Please fill out the registration form.


Name Representing Arrive Leave Hotel Notes
Nikos Andronikos Canon Sun 2 Jun 06:15 (NRT: QF21) Mon 10 Jun 20:30 (NRT: QF22) Hotel & Residence Roppongi
Tab Atkins Jr. Google Sun 2 Jun 14:00 (NRT: UA6403) Sun 9 Jun 16:00 (NRT: UA6505) Hotel Sunroute Akasaka SVGWG, CSSWG, TestTWF
Tavmjong Bah Inkscape Sat 1 Jun 06:30 (HND: AF282) Fri 7 Jun 11:10 (NRT: AF271) Hotel New Ueno In Tsukuba/Ushiku Saturday.
Brian Birtles Mozilla
Rik Cabanier Adobe Sun 2 Jun (HND: Delta 581) Mon 10 Jun (NRT: Delta 156) Hyatt Regency Tokyo
Cyril Concolato Institut Telecom/Telecom ParisTech Mon 3 Jun 06:30 (HND: AF282) Fri 7 Jun 11:55 (NRT: AF275) Hotel Ibis
Jun Fujisawa Canon
Tomoaki Konno KDDI
Chris Lilley
Cameron McCormack Mozilla Sun 2 Jun 06:15 (NRT: QF21) Thu 6 Jun 20:30 (NRT: QF22) Grand Hyatt Roppongi I will attend the CSS WG F2F on Thursday.
Dirk Schulze Adobe Sat 1 Jun (NRT: United) Sun 9 Jun (NRT: United) Hyatt Regency Tokyo
Satoru Takagi KDDI
Yusuke Uchida KDDI


See the agenda for the meeting, which is based on the agenda proposals.

Hosted dinner

Tuesday evening, 7pm, GONPACHI

Hotel information

(Warning: I haven't stayed at any of these hotels so none come with a personal recommendation.)

Hotel & Residence Roppongi is new and looks good. The booking information, however, is only available in Japanese. Perhaps you will be able to book through an agent like Expedia.

Hotel Ibis is close by.

Hotel Okura is further away and more expensive but probably quite nice.

the b roppongi is a cheaper option that is quite nearby.

To search for hotels and accommodation, two popular options are:

  • Rakuten - many good deals however the Japanese version has much better deals and more options.
  • JAPANiCAN - many good deals, but again, the English version has less on offer than the Japanese.

You can use both of the above to find traditional Japanese lodgings (ryokan) too.


Haneda international airport is the closest airport and is newer than Narita.

The other international airport is Narita airport.

From either airport, the limousine bus if often quite convenient and affordable depending on where you are staying.

Alternatively, if arriving at Narita, there are two fast trains available:

  • Narita Express (NEX) – Narita ↔ Tokyo station. Last service 9.44pm. From Tokyo station you can catch a subway or taxi to your hotel.
  • Keisei Skyliner – Narita ↔ Ueno station. Last service 10.18pm. The Skyliner is newer and shinier but only takes you to Ueno which is further away from Roppongi than Tokyo station. However, if going by subway, you can catch the Hibiya line from Ueno to Roppongi.

If catching the Narita Express (NEX), the Suica + NEX package is a good option. See notes on IC cards in the next section.

Ground Transportation

The closest subway station is Nogizaka station (乃木坂駅) on the Chiyoda line (千代田線). Exit 3 is the closest exit to the office.

Roppongi station (六本木駅) on the Toei Oedo line (都営大江戸線) and Hibiya line (日比谷線) is also in reasonable walking distance.

From the Oedo line take exit 8 marked for 'Midtown' and go straight ahead then up the escalator on the left and go straight. Follow the signs to the National Art Center, Tokyo. When you emerge from underground you'll be on a little pedestrian island. You should be able to see "Gaston & Gaspar" (a pasta restaurant) on the other side of the road. Cross the road and head left past Gaston and Gaspar. Take the first right and Mozilla Japan is soon on your left.

You can use Jorudan or Hyperdia to look for train connections.

See the area map for details.

Transit cards

If you expect to use public transport more than once or twice an IC card makes life a lot easier. There are many types. In Tokyo there is Suica put out by Japan Rail East, or Pasmo. They are completely interchangeable and as of March 2013, they can be used in many places throughout Japan. Typically you end up paying 500yen for the card plus 1500yen as an initial charge. You can get the 500yen back once you are done with the card. You can recharge at the machines in stations or at convenience stores, typically in 1000yen denominations.

See Japan Guide for more information.

Note that if you are coming by Narita Express, the Suica + NEX package is a good deal.

Offsite Amenities

See the area map for details.


The local currency is Japanese Yen (JPY). At the time of writing, 1 USD is approximately 97 JPY. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


Japanese electricity supply is 100V and the plugs are the same size as US outlets. Many North American appliances work without an adapter. See [1].


Please direct any queries about this F2F to Brian Birtles at Mozilla Japan.