F2F/Tokyo 2013/Agenda proposals

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Proposals for the SVG only part of the meeting

  • Joint session with IDPF EPUB Advanced Hybrid Layouts WG members.
  • Whether full syntax is allowed in presentation attributes (e.g. CSS comments). Would like to resolve on this, so that we can give feedback for css-syntax if necessary. (Cameron)
  • Review hatches.
  • Multiple paint servers on one element.
  • Variable width strokes: line joins, end caps.
  • Flowed text via Exclusions/Shapes.
  • Color interpolation: scaling, etc.
  • Marker orientation: Paul Lebeau's email and test cases.
  • Global Coordinate Systems.
  • Zoom feature for media queries
  • Progress report of browser implementation for SVG Map
  • Short update on SVG streaming
  • Enable-background: remove from the spec and define alternative
  • compositing(+filters?): define what feature create a new context
  • Resolving issues with marker-segment and marker-pattern
  • Should fill-rule apply to text?

Proposals for the FX Task Force part of the meeting