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This page provides information about the SVG Working Group face-to-face meeting that will be held in Amsterdam in June 2016.


Monday 20th June 2016 - Wednesday 22nd June 2016.

Meet at reception at CWI at 10:00AM on Monday. Tuesday - Wednesday we will try to meet 09:00 - 17:00.

An unofficial editing day is planned for Sunday 19th June. Location to be decided (keep an eye on IRC) and attendance is optional.


The meeting will be hosted by CWI/W3C Benelux

Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam, Netherlands


The CWI reception desk (and building) is open to visitors from 9.00-17.00h. The Amsterdam Science Park gates around the building close at 19.00h.

For information on reaching the venue by public transport, see: https://www.cwi.nl/how-reach-cwi-public-transport

Meeting Rooms

room L016


Parking can be arranged if required. Please give at least a weeks advance notice.


The meeting will not be catered, however there is a canteen on site where we can purchase our own lunch.

Restaurant Pythagoras http://www.wcw.nl/Restaurant/ 2 minutes walk from meeting Open: 08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast 11:45 - 13:45 Lunch

Cafe Restaurant Polder http://www.cafe-restaurantpolder.nl/ 3 minutes walk from meeting Open from 10:00

Cafe Maslow http://www.maslowcafe.nl/ 4 minutes walk from meeting Open from 09:00 Has free wifi


Please fill out the registration form.


For topics you would like to be discussed, please add an issue to github and label with the 'Amsterdam 2016' label Shortly before the meeting, the chair will put together an agenda.

Hosted dinner

There will be no hosted dinner.

Hotel information


The closest airport to the meeting venue is Amsterdam Schipol airport.

Ground Transportation


The local currency is the Euro (EUR).


CEE 7 type C and F, 230V.


Please direct any queries about this F2F to Nikos Andronikos (SVG WG chair).