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This page provides information about the SVG Working Group face-to-face meeting that will be hosted by Opera in 2015.


We will be meeting for four days:

Tuesday 9 June - Friday 12 June, 2015.


Stora Hotellet, Linköping, Sweden


Please fill out the registration form.


Please add agenda proposals for topics you would like to be discussed.

Shortly before the meeting, the chairs will put together an agenda.

Hosted dinner

Thursday 7.30pm.

Conference night

On Wednesday 10 June at 17.00 - 19.30 we're all invited to give talks about svg, graphics, web standards and the like. Location: creActive, see map.

If you want to present something, please get in touch with Erik as soon as possible (will coordinate), and provide one or two sentences about your topic, a short bio and (if available) a profile photo.

Some snacks and drinks will be served at 17.00 - 18.00, and then the talks start (we'll have 1.5h at our disposal).

Please update the list below, and assume 15-20 min slots.


  • Intro by organizers (5-10min)
  • How the SVG WG works (ed) (15min)
  • What's new in SVG 2? w/demo of Inkscape (Tav)
  • Advanced gradients (nikos)
  • Finishing with open panel / Q&A with the audience (everyone)

I'd like to see a couple of more short talks in the above list.

Some suggested topics:

  • Authoring tool news related to svg (inkscape / illustrator)
  • ...

Note that the projector has VGA (800x600) or HDMI (unknown, but probably better than 800x600) inputs only. If you need DVI then bring an adapter.

Official page for the event [1].

Hotel information

Opera has deals with Scandic Frimurarehotellet (Opera rate: 1270 SEK/night) and Stora Hotellet (Opera rate: 1060 SEK/night).

It should be enough to say you want the Opera Software rate when booking.


The recommended choice is Linköping City Airport which is the closest airport to the meeting venue.

Other options include flying to Stockholm and e.g taking the train to Linköping. It's possible to take a train directly from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, but note that the trains for Linköping don't run very late in the evening, see sj.se for details. The trainride is about 3h.

Another option is Stockholm Skavsta Airport, which is a little closer to Linköping than Stockholm Arlanda. They have connecting coaches for Linköping, the busride takes about 1.5h. See [2].

Ground Transportation

A taxi from Linköping's airport to Opera's office (or any central hotel) takes ~10 minutes and typically costs somewhere around 150 SEK.


The local currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). See currency converter for current conversion rates.


Europlug Type C and F, 230V.


Please direct any queries about this F2F to Erik Dahlström.