F2F/Linkoping 2015/Agenda proposals

From SVG
  • Resolving on getting SVG 2.0 to CR (Bogdan/Rossen)
    • Chapter owners to present plan to drive chapters to completion
    • Required editing sessions
    • Resolving as a group
  • Testing. (Tav)
  • Text
    • Changing <text> attribute 'extent' to 'measure'. (Tav)
  • Paths
    • Should the SVGAnimatedPathData interface be a [NoInterfaceObject]? (ed)
  • What should image { width:auto } result in? Zero width, use the width attribute value, or use the intrinsic width of the referenced image? [1] (ed)
  • SVGLength/SVGAngle constructors (ed)
    • The "optional const unsigned short unitType" argument, can we make it use an enum (or a plain DOMString) here instead? (related to https://svgwg.org/svg2-draft/types.html#issue7)
    • Another question might be: is the float+unitType constructor necessary, my guess is that most users will use the single argument DOMString constructor anyway, e.g new SVGAngle(val + "em")
    • Related: Need a way to associate an SVGLength object with an element for resolving percentages and em-based units, and setting whether it is horizontal/vertical/other. Otherwise there is little use for constructing a new SVGLength element separate from existing DOM properties. See Amelia's email from Oct 2014.
  • Dropping SVGSVGlement.currentView and SVGSVGElement.useCurrentView (Cameron)
    • Or, working out how to define currentView's properties
  • Logical block-size and inline-size properties and svg/rect width/height (Cameron)
  • List of normative spec/property requirements (Cameron)
  • Making animVal the same as baseVal (Dirk)

Day 4:

  • Text
    • Whether writing-mode should have a presentation attribute (Cameron)
    • Shadow trees on text content elements and text positioning attributes (Cameron)
    • Reflecting the xlink:href'ed path via SVGTextPath.pathSegList (ed)
    • Add 'pathLength' to textPath? (ed)
    • Add x/y/dx/dy to textPath (they currently have an effect if specified on a parent text element or child tspan, but cannot be set directly on textPath)
  • Wording for |transform-origin:0 0| default on SVG elements (Cameron)
  • F2F planning (Sydney in February 2016)
  • Resolving on publishing SVG2
  • Impact of CSS Transforms Level 2 on SVG (ed)
    • Translate percentages are relative to the containing block, is that what svg shape elements wants?
    • Should these properties become (presentation) attributes? If so, the names will clash with existing attributes.
    • As DIFF on Level1, I wrote the document according to ISSUE1. Should it be reflected in Level2? (stakagi)
  • Define SVG viewport (Dirk)
  • Define initial containing block for SVG (Dirk)
  • Terms "clipping path" and "initial clipping path" required (Dirk)
  • blending with backdrop of multiple fill/stroke (Dirk)
  • Interface SVGTransformList (Dirk)

Topics of interest to people that wanted to dial in

Brian Birtles:

  • Animation-related topics
  • Promoting viewBox to a property
  • Integrating SVG and HTML (allowing HTML elements in SVG etc.)

Chris Little:

  • Basic font facilities, in CSS-less environments
  • Markers on shapes and paths
  • SMIL modularisation decision