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This page provides information about the SVG Working Group face-to-face meeting that will take place at TPAC 2011.


27 - 28 October and 3 - 4 November, Santa Clara, California.


Microsoft is hosting the first half of the SVG F2F on Thursday, October 27 and Friday, October 28 at their office in Mountain View. It is in building SVC-5, room Gulf/2400.

 1075 La Avenida
 Mountain View, CA 94043
 Tel: (650) 693-1005

The latter part of the meeting is held at the TPAC meeting location.


Registration for TPAC is here with list of attendees (W3C Member only). Registration for the first two days is here with list of attendees.


See agenda proposals.

See the Agenda page.

Hosted dinner

There will be no hosted dinner for the pre-TPAC part of the meeting, but those attending the TPAC part are invited to attend the TPAC reception on the Wednesday evening.

Hotel information

See the TPAC information for details.




Currency is US Dollars. 1 USD approximately equals 0.71 EUR and 0.95 AUD. See currency converter for current conversion rates.


Type B socket, 20A/125V (and to a lesser extent, the Type A socket).




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