Tpac2010 Agenda

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Agenda topics

  • SVG 1.1F2 Implementation report
  • Telcon schedule (one telcon per week?)
  • Publication schedule
  • SVG 1.1F2 LC status update
  • Testing strategies, test guidelines and moving forward (related to
  • FX taskforce joint meeting (Thursday afternoon sometime)
  • Coons patches research (gradients)

Requested topics:

  • SVG2
    • Integrate vector graphics and document constructs
    • <foreignObject> or not?
    • New SVG Work, e.g. Coons patches research (gradients)
  • SVG1.1F2
    • Finalize Implementation Report Structure
    • Set dates for SVG 1.1F2 Implementation reports
    • SVG 1.1F2 LC status update
  • Retrospective on last year
    • What went well, what could have gone better, who owns making changes
    • Propose cross working group guiding principles
    • Testing strategies, test guidelines and moving forward (related to
    • Reducing and Improving Face-to-Face time and telecon through technology
      • Learn from other WGs
      • Face-to-Face when required vs. every 3 months
      • Temporary transcription help and editing resources from Microsoft
      • WebCam/Video Conference possibilities
  • Establish Calendar Year 2011 Execution and Deliverables – Getting Started
    • Create realistic (conservative) Publication schedule
    • Clear (organize) issue tracker, cross-group linking


Telcon Times
Day AM1 AM2 PM1 PM2
Thursday Highlevel overview of goals FX preparation FX taskforce (transforms, filters, animations, transitions, paintservers, masking/clipping, pointer-events) FX taskforce(?)
Friday Testing strategies, guidelines 1.1F2 Implementation report Coons patches / gradients Publication schedule, retrospecting, telcon times