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SVG 1.1 Spec Structure SVG 2 Spec Structure Observation
1 Introduction
2 Concepts
3 Rendering Model
4 Basic Data Types and Interfaces
5 Document Structure
6 Styling This chapter will have links and overlap with CSS
7 Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units This chapter will have Extended SVG Transforms and some links and overlap with the CSS 2D/ 3D Transform spec, all of this merged in CSS Transforms
8 Paths
9 Basic Shapes
10 Text Some of the property text will be linked from the CSS spec.
11 Painting: Filling, Stroking and Marker Symbols
12 Color This is confusing and most of the actual colour stuff is in various chapters. This chapter should be merged with the SVG Color Module spec.
13 Gradients and Patterns This chapter of the spec will address the new requirements and have links to the CSS Image Values spec
14 Clipping, Masking and Compositing SVG Compositing Specification Part or all of this spec will be shared with CSS, as part of the FX task force
15 Filter Effects CSS/SVG Filters Specification Part or all of this spec will be shared with CSS, as part of the FX task force
16 Interactivity Could be merged with Chapter 18 on Scripting in a "Document Processing and Interactivity" chapter
17 Linking
18 Scripting Could be merged with Chapter 16 on Interactivity in a "Document Processing and Interactivity" chapter
19 Animation
20 Fonts This chapter should be replaced by the SVG Tiny 1.2 Font chapter with WOFF support and a separate SVG Font Module should be created.
21 Metadata Need to check the Role module from WAI PF,and ARIA
22 Backwards Compatibility To be dropped.
23 Extensibility
Appendix A: Document Type Definition To be dropped. But may be replaced by the RNG.
Appendix B: SVG Document Object Model (DOM) May be merged into the different parts.
Appendix C: IDL Definitions Will be rewritten with the WebIDL syntax.
Appendix D: Java Language Binding Dropped.
Appendix E: ECMAScript Language Binding Dropped because can be derived from the WebIDL appendix.
Appendix F: Implementation Requirements Should be distributed in the relevant chapters.
Appendix G: Conformance Criteria Should go upfront in a Conformance chapter after the introduction.
Appendix H: Accessibility Support
Appendix I: Internationalization Support
Appendix J: Minimizing SVG File Sizes Should be merged with the mime type description.
Appendix K: References
Appendix L: Element Index
Appendix M: Attribute Index
Appendix N: Property Index
Appendix O: Feature Strings
Appendix P: Media Type Registration for image/svg+xml No longer needed, assuming we re-use the existing media type
Appendix Q: Changes