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An opportunity to discover what W3C groups (WG/IG/CG) are working on and how that work intersects with other Web technologies.

Demos and lightning talks are provided as pre-recorded videos. In addition, we provide a sample of educational videos taken from the W3Cx Web Accessibility Introduction course.

Accessibility Guidelines (AG) Working Group Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working Group Immersive Web Working and Community Groups Media and Entertainment Interest Group Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Timed Text Working Group Web & Networks Interest Group Web of Things (WoT) Interest and Working Groups W3C Web Accessibility Introduction MOOC

Already over: the live training session on Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) on Tuesday 20 October. W3C will offer this CEPC Training to the W3C community at additional times in the future.

– Live session 20 Oct. –

Accessibility Guidelines Working Group

[Video still: WCAG Current and Future Work] WCAG Current and Future Work, by Chuck Adams


Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group

[Video still: APA Pronunciation Matters] APA Pronunciation Matters, by Janina Sajka with Mark Hakkinen [Video still: Web Support for People with Cognitive and
                Learning Disabilities] Web Support for People with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities, by Janina Sajka with Lisa Seeman


Immersive Web Working and Community Groups

[Video still: Immersive Web Demos] Immersive Web Demos, by Ada Rose Cannon


Media & Entertainment Interest Group

[Video still: TPAC 2020 Media & Entertainment IG]Media & Entertainment Interest Group Update, by Pierre-Anthony Lemieux


Technical Architecture Group

[Video still: TAG: Principles for the Web] TAG: Principles for the Web, by Dan Appelquist


Timed Text Working Group

[Video still: WYSIWIG Captioning with IMSC] WYSIWIG Captioning with IMSC, by Andreas Tai


Web & Networks Interest Group

[Video still: TPAC 2020 Web and Networks IG]Web and Networks Interest Group Update, by Dan Druta, Song Xu, Sudeep Divakaran [Video still:
	    slideshow slide] Exploring Distributed DNNs for the mobile web over cloud, edge and end devices, by Yakun Huang and Xiuquan Qiao [Video
	    still: slideshow slide] WebRTC Based Interactive Advertising, by (China Mobile MIGU) [Video still showing a smartwatch with "waiting…" on it next to a smartphone] Browser-based Edge Computing Solution for Offloading Process and Resource, by Seikwon Kim [Video
	    still: slideshow slide] Cloud-based 360° Video Playout on TV, by Louay Bassbouss [Video still showing a screen with two videos playing and two performance graphs] Link Performance Prediction and Network Trace Tools, by Jonas Svennebring


Web of Things Interest & Working Groups

[Video still: Web of Things (WoT) IG/WG] Web of Things Summary, by Michael McCool [Video still: Auto-population using Node-RED Node Generator] Auto-population using Node-RED Node Generator, by Kunihiko Toumura


W3C Introduction to Web Accessibility MOOC

[Video still: simulated tunnel vision] Low vision activity, by Shawn Henry [Video still: Reading with and without wrapping] Reading with and without wrapping, by Shawn Henry [Video still: Headings] Headings, by Makoto Ueki [Video still: Motion] Motion, by Carie Fisher


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – Live training session

We invite you to attend an information session about the recently updated Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct on Tuesday 20 October from 16:00 to 17:00 UTC.

Zoom meeting ID: 879 3376 0364
Passcode: 2020

Join Zoom meeting Ical file

Jeff Jaffe of W3C, Tzviya Siegman of Wiley, Jory Burson of Bocoup, and Judy Brewer of W3C will speak about the history, development, and implementation of CEPC as well as walk through some group exercise. 

Please be sure to read CEPC in advance of the session.



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