TPAC 2020 is over…

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For the next TPAC, see the agenda of upcoming member meetings .


W3C TPAC 2020

W3C's first virtual 2020 TPAC event focuses on collaborative meetings that gather the community to create momentum and collective brainstorming.

This event brings together W3C technical groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG and the Advisory Committee for exciting, coordinated work. The benefit of assembling the community for thought-provoking discussions is invaluable.

W3C meetings operate under the Principles and Procedures of our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Update – 30 October 2020

We value your input – Please, reply to the feedback survey before 30 November!

Update – 4 November 2020

The minutes of the breakout sessions are now available, along with videos of many of the presentations. Look for minutes and video in the breakout descriptions.


Schedule and format

28 SEP – 6 NOV
Group meetings
12–16 OCT
Joint group meetings
20 OCT
AC meeting (member-only)
26–30 OCT
TPAC Breakout Week
Group updates:
training, demos, lightning talks
Social events:
live sessions, audio/video
Virtual hallway conversation: TPAC lounge, open rooms


Important dates



Before you register to attend a meeting at TPAC, please read the participation policies and recommendations.

See participation rules 



Meeting registration is now open



Need help?

You can send questions by email to

Between 12 and 30 October, W3C staff will also be on IRC to answer questions: Go to and type /join #tpac-help to join the channel (chat room). Then just type your question.

New to IRC? Learn more about it here.



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