W3C TPAC 2020 Social Events

W3C is pleased to offer a combination of live and prerecorded social events this year to give attendees an opportunity to virtually socialize and plan a break from remote meetings. Tip: Could be a fun way to initiate conversation; connect with the growing TPAC community, participants from member organizations, and W3C Staff.

Live events will be held on Monday 26 October and Thursday 29 October at 13:30 UTC and last 20 minutes. Join us, clear your mind and get ready for engaging and stimulating discussions!

We encourage everyone to participate. Learn a delicious new recipe to share. Experience the tranquil benefits of yoga. Listen or view a prerecorded music performance, watch a cooking show from W3C's Keio Team, or take time for a one-minute audio meditation break.

Prerecorded events may be enjoyed at any time. We have a variety of audio performances and a cooking video by W3C Staff and Invited Guests.

Haiku Poem Challenge
We picked our winners!
Distributed Canon Singing
Make your voice (or your instruments) heard in a distributed and multi-lingual canon song (and listen to the result)


Live sessions

Sessions will be held in the TPAC Lounge beginning at 13:30 UTC and last 20 minutes leaving a 10 minute break before meetings start at 14:00 UTC.

Monday 26 October 13:30 UTC
Wake up to Waffles!

Cooking demo with W3C staff member Karen Myers.

Recipe and instruction


Thursday 29 October 13:30 UTC
Beginner-friendly yoga
with Michelle Kelly of Legible.

Absolutely no yoga experience necessary. If you have a yoga mat or towel, use it. But literally, all you need is you! We guarantee that you will feel better after the class than you did before.


Prerecorded audio and video

Find a comfortable chair and enjoy music performances by talented artists in our community! Watch a cooking show by W3C's Keio Team at your leisure. (Recipe and Instruction.) Meditate to one of the calming audio options before meetings start or after meetings end.

Prerecorded audio and video events may be heard or viewed at any time. Enjoy as many times as you like, or make it a daily practice!

Joshue O Conner, W3C Staff – guitar – Turlough O Carolan (an arrangement of Lady Athenry) [photo: hands playing guitar] Ian Jacobs, W3C Staff – piano – Bach, Prelude in D major, BWV 925 [photo: hands playing piano] Ian Jacobs, W3C Staff – piano – Bach, Prelude in G minor, BWV 930 [photo: electric piano keyboard] Janina Sajka – piano – Beethoven sonata 30 part 1, Op.109 [photo: closeup of piano keys] Janina Sajka – piano – Beethoven sonata 30 part 2, Op.109 [photo: piano keys and sheet music] Janina Sajka – piano – Beethoven sonata 30 part 3, Op.109 [photo: closeup of piano keys] Keio Takoyaki Cooking Show* [photo: hands holding a plate of takoyai dumplings] Distributed Canon Song from TPAC community Nina Blue – jazz singer – at the W3C NY Metro Chapter launch

* You can download the takoyaki recipe.


Meditation options

Need a break? Pick a sound, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing…

One minute of…
ocean sounds
One minute of…
ambient music
[photo: autumn leaves in a pool] One minute of…



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