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With the goal of bringing more diverse voices into the W3C community, we are proposing to open breakout sessions to the broader public.

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Diversity Fund

We believe that more diversity means better representation, which leads to better and more inclusive design. We believe that more background, more use cases, more edge cases, lead to a better Web. More diversity also brings higher quality results. Our CEO blogged last June, giving the 2020 update on Diversity and Inclusion at W3C.

W3C has established again a TPAC Diversity Fund, sponsored by W3C Members Adobe, Samsung Electronics, Coil, Microsoft, TetraLogical, Siteimprove; chaals and an anonymous individual sponsor. This year, for the first time W3C itself is contributing toward that Fund and we expect to continue contributing in subsequent years. It is a decision that W3C Management took last November. W3C is contributing $5,000 toward the 2020 Diversity Fund.

Applicants must be from a group that is under-represented in the Web community, and unable to participate in TPAC without financial help. The application form has further information notably on what “under-represented” means, and applications are due by 27 September 2020 for determination on 5 October 2020.

If you have any question, or if your organization or yourself wishes to become a sponsor, please write to Coralie Mercier.



Platinum sponsor

Coil Technologies,

Media sponsor


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