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Media & Entertainment Interest Group Update

Presenter: Pierre-Anthony Lemieux

Updates from the Media & Entertainment Interest Group

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Hi there, welcome to this year's TPAC, which is brought to you from desk chairs and couches around the world.

Going to slide two.

My name is Pierre-Anthony Lemieux and I'm based in San Francisco, California.

It's a brief overview of the Media and Entertainment Interest Group, which I co-chair with Chris Needham from the BBC, and Tatsuya Igarashi from Sony.

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The IGs I have for all activities related to media playback and authoring on the web.

The IG was formed back in 2011, when it was called the Web and TV Interest Group just as TV was making its way to the web.

The IG now has 52 member entities from across the community.

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The activities of the IG center around developing requirements for new media features on a web platform.

As part of these activities, the IG reviews proposed specifications and coordinates with perfictional organization.

Some of which you might have heard of like MPEG, DASH-IF, CTIA, SMPTE. The objective overall, is to make it easy to choose a web platform for media experiences worldwide.

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For example, the IG has recently reviewed a client-side video editing API specification.

Another API specification for web codecs.

Going back in time, the IG was involved with specifications such as picture in picture.

And it was also the primary driver in the development of the media source extension and encrypted media extension specifications.

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Another recent activity has been the development of requirements for media time events, with the objective of allowing applications to synchronize events precisely with audio and video playback.

The output of this activity is taking shape in a form of the DataCue API currently being refined by the Web Incubator Community Group, WICG. This activity is being conducted in collaboration with the DASH Industry Forum, which is an example of work with externalizations I mentioned earlier.

Going to slide seven.

The IG is also tackling requirements for bullet chatting or Danmu which is a shared experience where user comments or relate in real time over a video.

Think of choice chat over video.

The question raises whether the web platform has a necessary hooks to support that experience.

Going to slide eight.

Last but not least, the IG is currently exploring two new emerging areas.

The first one is driven by professional production assets moving to the cloud.

Something unimaginable just a few years ago.

This is in turn driving the need for web-based production tools.

While the web platform makes it possible for everybody to watch TV online, creating TV content requires more advanced capabilities like high demand cringe image, support for professional video codecs, and super accurate media synchronization.

This is an area where the IG is actively looking for the right participants.

So please do reach out if you're interested.

Going to slide nine.

Another area of interest is improving interoperability between media players which for instance, must deal with limited hardware decoding resources.

As an initial step, the IG has created a draft Web Media Integration Guidelines document.

Going to slide 10.

And this brings us to the end of our tour of the media and entertainment in IG.

If you're interested, please do join us.

We would love to have you.

Bye bye.



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