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Action Items

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Tutorials - high priority


For next EOWG meeting

Who else: Everyone Watch for Eric's requests for EO feedback, managed from the Tutorials Feedback page


Who else: Anyone Visit new Tutorials Feedback wiki page to prepare for discussion on usefulness and organization on 11 April

  • [done] Andrew, 10-April-2014
  • [done] Liam, 11-April-2014

Who else: Anyone If you want to use GitHub for commenting on the Tutorials, review new file to prepare for discussion on 11 April.

Review cover page and comment in Tutorials wiki page or through Github Tutorials - for discussion on 4 April

  • [done] Paul, 10-April-2014
  • [done] Bim, 4-April-2014
  • [done] Howard, 4-April-2014
  • [done] Anna Belle, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Sharron, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Vicki, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Shawn, 1-April-2014
  • [done] Andrew, 28-March-2014
  • [done] Liam, 11-April-2014

Procurement Resources

Who else: Anyone close review of Procurement Resources rough draft and contibute to the EOWG Internal Notes section

  • Sharron - will inquire with State of Texas sources for material to add
  • Wayne - will inquire with CSU sources for material to add
  • Howard - will research existing resources
  • Judy - check with Wendy if any concerns or cautions, and if disclaimer needed
  • Sharron & Jan - work on fleshing this out


  • Andrew - added Aust Govt resource & updated M376 links
  • Shawn - checked on disclaimer stuff - talked with Judy on 1 April and she wants to take the next step
  • Howard, - only resource inventory I found is at Georgia Tech. See my comment in Procurement wiki. 4-April-2014
  • Andrew - added Ireland and UK and did some rearranging. 2014.04.04
  • Vicki - added a link to an Ontario guide under Canada and a link to India (mention of developing procurement guidelines). 10-April-2014
  • Paul - did some quick searches, but did not add any links to the list 10-April-2014

ATAG Outreach

Who else: Anyone Based on Jeanne's report at the April 11 meeting, continue to send interested parties to Info about How to Help Move ATAG forward on ATAG Overview page.

  • Paul - prompt Sue Collins of CSU system to participate
  • Wayne - follow up with Sue

WCAG misc

Who else: Everyone: Wayne has requested that everyone try to experience the wiki the way he does and see what impact it has on your ability to contribute. He asks that everyone to go to the wiki, enlarge the text to 200% and try to do your homework for this week. Wayne says "I would really like for everyone to try this this week." if you have comments, please add them to Using the wiki page. Indicate below that you have completed Wayne's request.

  • [done] - Name, 00-Month-2014

  • Who else: Everyone: Review current content of Finding Your WAI page. "New Resources" are not so new...and what else could be improved from an outreach perspective? If you have comments, please add them to Your WAI wiki page

  • [done] - Andrew, 10-April-2014
  • [done and added to Your Wai wiki page] - Liam, 10-April-2014
  • [done] - Name, 00-Month-2014
  • Who else: Everyone: Review Mike Elledge's comments to EO about Easy Checks and prepare for discussion on 11 April.

  • [done] - Andrew, 10-April-2014
  • [done] - Paul, 10-April-2014
  • [done] - Name, 00-Month-2014
  • Who else: Everyone: In Techniques for Specific Technologies, read Background and Notes. Comment under "Additional Discussion on Wording" and "Location". (+1 is enough of a comment)

    • [done] - Vicki, 3-April-2014
    • [done] - Eric, 2014-04-03
    • [done] - Andrew, 2-April-2014
    • [done] - Bim, 2-April-2014
    • [done] - Shawn, 28-March-2014
    • [done] - Liam, 4-April-2014
    • [done] - Sharron, 4-April-2014

    Accessibility Intros

    • Shawn write up specific suggestions for moving content from W3C page to WAI page, and updating W3C page
    • someone volunteer to draft new info on evaluation

    Evaluation tool guidance

    Who else: Anyone review and comment on overall approach, wording, etc. Add thoughts on titles.

    Evaluation tool guidance wiki page for comments

    • [done] - Vicki, 03-month-2014
    • [done] - Sharron, 02-month-2014
    • [done] - Bim, 04-April-2014
    • [done] - Liam, 04-April-2014
    • [done] - name, 00-month-2014

    Easy Checks

    • Who else: Everyone - comment on Suggested: More visible, stronger this is not definitive, have to do more...
      • [done] Paul, 10-April-2014
      • [done] Bim, 04-April-2014
      • [done] Sharron, 03-April-2014
      • [done] Sylvie, 03-April-2014
      • [done] Vicki, 02-April-2014
      • [done] Jan, 01-April-2014
      • [done] Andrew, 01-April-2014
      • [done] Liam, 04-April-2014
      • [done] Shawn, 31-March-2014
    • Shawn & Eric - wrap up few open wordings

    Illustrations for Easy Checks

    • Anna Belle - updating and making new illustrations
    • Andrew - helping with captions
    • Vicki - helping with new illustrations
    • Shawn - adding illustrations to WAI page
    • [after others done] All - review updates
    • [lower priority] Anna Belle - new markup for side-by-side figures
    • [done] Anna Belle - check the Easy Checks draft for "[add image]" and make sure all are listed in the inventory

    Training Resources

    Promoting Training 2014 Notes

    • Howard - think about listing education & training on WAI-Engage & send ideas to Sharron & Shawn (per e-mail subject "RE: University programs and more" updated August 20, 2013 7:03 AM)
    • Howard - [first round done, follow up needed] review EOWG training resources and send Shawn & Sharron ideas on what future EOWG work might overlap with Howard's grant work.
    • [after get more info from Howard] - Shawn & Sharron prep bringing to EOWG
    • [done] Shawn & Sharon - Respond to Howard's follow-up proposal of Feb. 8 (subject: RE: University programs and more)

    Media Accessibility User Requirements - no deadline

    Who else: Anyone with perspectives on integrating Section 2 with How People with Disabilities Use the Web please comment.

    Review Media Accessibility User Requirements, especially Section 2. (See Notes under Technical Document Review for info on reviewing and commenting.) Put comments in Media Accessibility User Requirements wiki page.

    • Andrew - will do
    • Shadi - will do (especially to align with How People with Disabilities Use the Web), but probably only early March (before CSUN/f2f)
    • [after others done] Shawn - review comments and prepare for EOWG discussion
    • [after others done] All - review comments and comment or OK for submission
    • [done] Paul - added comments 4-Feb-2014

    Business Case Updates - no deadline

    Who else: Anyone please comment on both below.

    Apple - accessible - ROI:

    • [done] Shawn - commented 5-March-2014
    • [done] Andrew - commented 10-April-2014

    Linking to Gartner report in Business Case:

    • [done] Shawn - commented 3-Feb-2014
    • [done] Andrew - commented 10-Apr-2014


    EOWG meetings is the new wiki page. When you miss a meeting, review the agenda & summary there, then indicate on that page that you are done.

    Situational terminology

    • [in progress] Shawn - ask Mobile Research Report to change language
    • [done] Jan - commented 14-Feb-2014
    • [done] Howard - commented 13-Feb-2014
    • [done] Eric - commented 13-Feb-2014
    • [done] Vicki - commented 13-Feb-2014
    • [done] Sharron - commented 13-Feb-2014
    • [done] Sylvie - commented 10 Feb-2014
    • [done] Andrew - commented 7&8-Feb-2014
    • [done] Bim - commented 6-Feb-2014
    • [done] Shawn - commented 3,4,7-Feb-2014

    Individuals Low Priority and Misc

    Actions items related to projects are above. This section is generally lower priority items not associate with an active project.

    Anna Belle

    • [low priority] Work with Shawn (and others) on possible metrics/KPIs for EO/WAI success




    • Draft language / framework for starting procurement resource repository on WAI-Engage wiki
    • [Open] Work with Paul on intro suggestion for IndieUI IndieUI wiki comments


    • [medium priority] AAA good — Draft some words that might go into "Understanding" and/or "QuickRef" and/or blog to encourage people to look at AAA requirements and move beyond the AA level adopted by many policies (...largely based on the mapct for people with disabilities and also consier to cost and difficulty to implment...)
    • [low priority] wcag2ict Overview edits
    • [low priority] consider style guide for TR things like definition links, code, etc... (Wayne has code action item)




    • [Open] (with Suzette) Skype meeting to plan next steps in the use of BAD as teaching tool.
    • [no deadline] Write a proposal for how W3C write code samples for all documents.