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Wcag2ict Overview

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wcag2ict Overview page

Comments after 6 September 2013

  • comment {name}

Comments from 6 September 2013

  • what is need "in the context of applying WCAG 2.0 to non-web documents and software" on conformance bullet. {EOWG telecon}
  • consider "WCAG2ICT was developed to provide an authoritative interpretation of how WCAG 2.0 can apply in different contexts." -> "WCAG2ICT was developed to provide an authoritative interpretation of how WCAG 2.0 can apply in different contexts beyond the Web." {EOWG telecon}
  • consider if need to be more clear who this applies to. it's non-web. it doesn't replace WCAG. if you're doing Web, stick with WCAG. maybe in "Who this is for" section {EOWG telecon}
  • [fixed] Page contents: typo in the link to Who WCAG2ICT is for. Correct WCAT2ICT in WCAG2ICT. {Sylvie}
  • It may be helpful to add an explanation on what is non-web Information and Communication Technologies, at least provide concrete examples compared to web pages. {Sylvie}
    EOWG agrees 6 Sept 2013
  • I am not sure that the symbol "—" used several times through the document improves the understanding of the explanation it leads to.
    WCAG 2.0 is a normative web standard — it is a W3C Recommendation and an ISO International Standard (ISO/IEC 40500:2012) — that explains how to make web content (including static web pages, dynamic web applications, etc.) more accessible to people with disabilities.
    Comment: this sentence is really long and the reader is lost in the amount of information. May be replace the dash with semi columns to mark pause in the sentence, and split the sentence in several. {Sylvie}
  • Same comment as the one above for following sentence:
    This document: WCAG2ICT is a W3C Working Group Note that is informative — it is not normative and does not set requirements.