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For EOWG discussion:

How does this page work overall as an introduction to WAI Resources? Please add your general comments on page content and organization here and add comments for specific sections below:


  • I think the page has value, but only if updated quarterly or biannually. Maybe the 'new resources' could be relabeled 'new and up[dated resources' {Andrew}
  • I agree with Andrew. Also, the tone of the introduction seems a little breezy / too familiar. {Paul 10-April-2014}

Suggest throwing this page away. If this is 'what's important' then it's function should be carried out by the main menu. If 'what's new', then it should be a box on the home page. Otherwise it's just a function of a failure of our information architecture. Suggest instead:

a) Truth: gain better understanding what site visitors actually want to know, and how many of them want to know it, and what they call it (requires an internal search box as the main feature of the page. Let's install Lucene).

b) Goodness: understand what people would want to know if they knew it was possible to know it (this is basically a requires a list of known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns, and, indeed, unknown knowns (see Freud), and some EOWG input). Determine the value of knowing each thing, and what other knowledge each depends on.

c) Unity: Build demand-led 'Most Popular' IA based on outputs of (a). Build cross-cut 'syllabus' IA based on outputs of (b). Tag nicely and make effortlessly searchable. Insert links to 'most popular' things everywhere. Insert links to thing next in syllabus after content, insert link to thing previous in syllabus early in content, on each thing (requires big piece of paper and sharpies, and webmonkeys)

d) Beauty: Make WAI website prettier (requires graphic designer). Beauty is required for confidence in truth.


e) Showing off: Measure which of our pages are successfully meeting one or more needs (requires some analytics). Publicize these.

f) Sorting out: Measure which of our pages are trying but failing to meet one or more needs (requires some analytics). Improve these.

g) Throwing away: Measure which of our pages do not appear to be meeting any needs at all (requires some analytics). Throw these away.

h) Rest: Put feet up. Drink tea. (requires tea).

{Liam 11-Apr-2011}

New Resources


  • All updates or new resources from since Nov 2011 should be considered - but probably only 2013/14 ones included. We should have this on the agenda every 6 months - would be a relatively low maintenance task if done twice per year. We might drop resources off as new ones are added, but keep important ones on the list for longer. Maybe resources on the list should be dated. {Andrew}
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Look through the Website Navigation


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Use the Site Map


  • Suggest changing "Use the Find-on-page functionality" wording to "Use your browser's Find-on-page functionality" {Andrew}
  • needs a thorough check, e.g. "Preliminary Review ..." needs to become "Easy Checks ...". And have we added new pages since November 2011? Could we consider adding a date (updated/released) to give currency, e.g. the Policy page and the Tools page are so out of date people should be aware of this before following the links. {Andrew}
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Standard Search


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Tell Others!


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