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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Work for this week

Updated 2 October:

  1. Easy Checks - Published version, Updated draft in GitHub - ideally complete by Wednesday 7 Oct
    It's been a nearly complete draft for several months. We want to clean up the remaining issues and get it out of Draft status. We don't have an editor to make any significant non-essential changes now, and can record those updates for later when we do.
  2. Showcase Examples survey due Tuesday 13 October
  3. QuickRef redesign survey due Tuesday 13 October

Every week:

fyi, Upcoming Work:

  1. Gallery ...
  2. Roadmap ...

Call-in options

  • You can join WebEx via browser and then you can have it call you toll free
    or You can dial +1-617-324-0000 (a toll number) Meeting number / Access code: 640 019 702 / Passcode (for mobile apps): eowg
  • When you join the call, put in IRC: Present+ YourName

2 October 2015 Agenda

  1. Tips pages
    1. Announced! WAI IG e-mail, tweet
    2. Next phase issues
    3. Comment on titles
  2. Quick Reference Redesign
    1. Status update
    2. Survey through Monday 12 October ? Tuesday
  3. Showcase Examples with Videos
    1. Re-introduction/introduction to the project and Showcase Task Force
    2. Current progress and documentation
    3. Survey through Monday 12 October ? Tuesday
  4. Easy Checks
    1. Status update
    2. (if time) Discuss on GitHub 1 - proposed new check on Flashing or Blinking Content, e.g., does it meet our criteria for including?
    3. Work for next week