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EOWG Meetings

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Meeting summaries: EOWG Meetings 2015, EOWG Meetings 2014

Work for this week

Updated 24 March:

  • Page Structure Tutorial content review survey - The content is all complete; however, the wording is not yet polished. Please do a thorough review for all content issues and anything that needs Working Group discussion. (After all issues are addressed and the wording is polished, you'll have a chance for a final publication review -- and we hope there are no new issues then.)
    Please complete your thorough review and the survey by Monday 30 March.

Every week:

Coming Monday 30 March:


27 March

No agenda; however, feel free to join the teleconference number and chat or encourage each other on the Page Structure Tutorial content review survey that is due by Monday.

Note: Time different in Europe and some other places due to different daylight savings time changes.

3 April Teleconference Agenda

  1. Quickref Feedback - [coming later: weekly survey results]
  2. Page Structure Tutorial - discuss open issues/comments [coming later: list of issues]