Tracking Protection Working Group

The Tracking Protection Working Group is chartered to improve user privacy and user control by defining mechanisms for expressing user preferences around Web tracking and for blocking or allowing Web tracking elements. A current main focus for the extended implementation phase is to demonstrate the viability of the Tracking Preference Expression specification to address the requirements for managing cookie and tracking consent that satisfies the requirements of EU privacy legislation.

Matthias Schunter (Intel) serves as chair of the Tracking Protection Working Group. The W3C Team Contact is Bert Bos.

Call for Implementations

Both the Tracking Preference Expression (DNT), and Tracking Compliance and Scope (TCS), are now W3C Candidate Recommendations. Implementation reports are welcome. If you wish to make comments regarding these documents, please send them to public-tracking-comments@w3.org (subscribe, archives). All comments are publicly archived; if you have not used W3C mailing lists in the past, you will need to approve archiving (instructions are sent via email auto-reply) before your comments will be distributed. You do not need to subscribe to the mailing list to send comments.



Note: The group will occasionally update this schedule based on current progress. Future milestones are non-binding estimates.
* The group is discussing specific exit criteria for the CR milestone which may affect this timeline.
Specification FPWD LC CR PR Rec
Tracking Preference Expression September 2011 April 2014 April 2017 July 2017 August 2017
Tracking Preference Expression Definitions and Compliance September 2011 September 2014 December 2014

Past meetings

Eighth Face-to-Face

6-8 May 2013
Sunnyvale, California

Global Considerations Task Force Face-to-Face

11 - 12 March 2013
Berlin, Germany

Seventh Face-to-Face

11 - 13 February, 2013
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sixth Face-to-Face

3 - 5 October, 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fifth Face-to-Face

20 - 22 June, 2012
Bellevue, WA, USA

Fourth Face-to-Face

10 - 12 April, 2012
Washington, DC, USA

Third Face-to-Face

24 - 26 January 2012
Brussels, Belgium. Hosted by the European Commission.

Second Face-to-Face

31 October - 1 November 2011
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Initial Face-to-Face

21-22 September 2011
Cambridge, MA, USA

Past teleconferences

Most recent minutes first; ordered left to right.

Input Documents

The chairs invite input documents for the Working Group to consider at its initial meeting. Please send possible documents to the working group mailing list. The following (non-exhaustive) list of relevant documents has been identified.

Additionally, please refer to the report and position papers from the W3C Workshop on Web Tracking and User Privacy in April 2011.

We invite the submission of use cases and input documents to the group mailing list.