02 Nov 2016

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dsinger, jeff, mikeoneill, CrhisPedigoDCN, Craig_Spiezle, schunter


<ChrisPedigoDCN> I am one of the call-in users

mikeoneill: we should liaise with WebAppSec regarding JSON

<dsinger> indeed where did this non-existent group come from? it’s odd to put a hypothetical in a charter

[apparently, the Advertising BG was anticipated as of the initial charter; if people form one, we can liaise with it then]

<Zakim> jeff, you wanted to talk about the 5% guidance

wseltzer: next, charter goes to W3C management and then to Advisory Committee review.
... AC reps can talk about it on ac-forum; others can contact AC reps

jeff: We have guidance that we shouldn't start work unless 5% of the membership supports
... given the group's history, the Director will likely require 5% of membership supporting
... that's 21-22 members

schunter: Is it common for chairs to write to AC forum?

Jeff: not necessarily common, but can be done

schunter: I'll follow up with Telekom, EFF

Changes to TPE

schunter: shall we discuss on issue tracker?


moneill: I'd recommend github issue tracker


<mikeoneill> github.com/w3/dnt

<dsinger> I recommend that the chairs and team decide where we will track

<dsinger> please ensure that GitHub reflects issues to the list?

wseltzer: recommend using Github, as many groups have found it effective

[discussion of tooling for IP checking that github contributors are WG participants]

schunter: next week, we'll talk about the TPE
... bi-weekly meeting
... I'm unavailable on the 16ht.
... on the 16th, can get Carl or David to chair?


rrsagent. make logs public

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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