Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

07 Aug 2017

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fielding, schunter, mikeoneill, rvaneijk, wiley, brendan




<rvaneijk> yes: 10.1 is beyond editorial

<mikeoneill> +q

sections 6, 9, 10 are the new ones

mike suggests add an example to 6.6.1 for web-wide call to store

no need for call next week

<mikeoneill> ok

rvaneijk asked if changes to 10.1 should be suggested as well, matthias says yes

<rvaneijk> fielding, I am not convinced the text is a privacy consideration as such. Think text in 4 should be fit for purose. Will raise an issue on this.

okay, short call ... we meet again in two weeks to review feedback via github and email

trackbot, end meeting

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