Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

23 January 2017

Meeting Minutes

Bert. Interesting observation was that this is fully public (no member only content).

-Web-page needs updating once charter is done

We have David Singer as the second editor of TPE.

<moneill> baycloud.com/bouncerDownload

<wileys> Mike says he has over 3000 implementors, correct?

<wileys> Only HTTP-equiv? No standard header implementations?



<moneill> wileys, we have sites that return Tk headers directly, also medium.com

<wileys> Great - sad news about medium.com business model proving to be a failure (no tracking / personalizaiton of ads)

<moneill> wiley, more like an early pivot

<wileys> Time will tell...

<wileys> +q

<wileys> This breaks the intendended purpose of the well-known resource

<wileys> Now you wouldn’t be able to PREVIEW a site’s DNT status prior to visiting the site

<wileys> This is why it was created in the first place

<wileys> Would be better to have a sub-domain policy structure display

<wileys> You could have multiple well-known resources for the same page this way as well. Which one rules?

<wileys> In the large site / one place scenario - a site could CNAME the sub-sites all to the same well-known resource

<wileys> I’d rather look at solutions thatallowfor sub-site listings within the parent domain well-konwn resource

Shane: Concerns that having http-equv and being able to set tracking status resources per page will make transparency obsolete.

I think I dropped.

<wileys> You did - please join again


Let us end the call and continue discussing issue 15 next time.

I will send a summary to the list.

I think I have all info to send a summary to the list.

<Bert> OK, that's Feb 6 then.

<wileys> Okay - Thank you Matthias!

Bert: Is there a way to ensure that an email discussion is somehow linked to the github issues?

(like tracker that collected the related email and auto-attached it to an issue)?

<Bert> The only way I know is to ask Github to send you e-mail when an issue is chnaged and then when you reply to that mail, the reply is added to the issue thread.

ok. thanks

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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