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Which schemes are registered?

How do I register a new URI scheme?

Can I look at other registrations in progress?

Why shouldn't I create a new scheme for XYZ?

why should I register my scheme?

  • to avoid collisions (e.g. /dns)
  • To help other people use it correctly, and be able to claim the moral high ground if they use it incorrectly.

what's wrong with private URI schemes?

  • They leak out into public discourse and collide with others
  • They're kinda dangerous... suppose you develop a browser with an internal update-config:... URI scheme... then Alice uses that URI scheme in a web page... then Bob visit's alices page, and blammo, his configuration gets updated just for following a link. This is related to various security issues with the /javascript URI scheme.

How do I add support for /tel or /irc to my desktop?

What schemes are out there?

... and others ...

fodder to integrate:

connolly's uri bookmarks

Registering an Application to a URL Protocol - Overview/Tutorials MSDN