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This looks like a case of UriSpaceSquatting.


    Unlike the Web, information on Freenet is not stored at 
    fixed locations or subject to any kind of centralized control.
    -- 1.1. What is Freenet? in the Freenet FAQ as of Aug 2000 .

That's a property of http, ftp, etc., but not a property of the Web in general; e.g. it's not true of the UriSchemes/news.

Some data from an earlier list of UriSchemes, in NotationThree, assuming TheUsualPrefixes.

"freenet" is uriReg:schemeName of [
  is uriReg:specifies of [
    = <http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/928/2000/5/0/3709421/>;
    dc:title """[Freenet-dev] Freenet URL`s""";
    dc:creator [
      dca:agentName "Lawrence W. Leung"];
    dc:date "2000-05-08T10:03:20"; ];
  rdfs:comment """in discussion in the freenet project: """;

see also webarch foo and DanC's action in 15 sep tag mtg