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You've got a nifty idea that involves using URIs in a new way; you know URIs are shared by everybody, and you figure there have got to be some rules about how they're parcelled out, but you're not really interested in all that right now; you've got a nifty new idea!

Therefore: just start squatting in URI space.

 To settle on another's land without title; also, to settle on common or public lands.
 -- dictionary.com

PPR:ThreeExamples of this PPR:AntiPattern:

 DanConnolly Sep 14 2000: "hey you kids, get off my lawn!" (see also: NamespaceSquatting)

Hunh. Hardly sounds authoritative to me.

Can I call this "Governance Squatting?" Can I just make up some rule, make a wiki page for it, call it an "anti-pattern," and then say you're in violation?

-- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-06-19T17:48:08)

Of course you can, but since it's a wiki, if I disagree, I can change the rule. see WikiConsensus. -- DanConnolly