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The ESW wiki has rapidly grown into a fine KB for all things (peripherally or not) SW, and it's something that I really feel I ought to be contributing to more often.


Old todos that still haven't got done:

  • CwmDocumentation - I'm making a tentative link out to this one, because I really do believe that wikizing the CWM documentation would be helpful (note CwmTips is already headed in this direction --DanConnolly). Perhaps wikizing the code would be, too...
  • Content Negotiation Problems - I've discussed with with Aaron Swartz, and I've seen it on Norman Walsh and DanConnolly's worry piles, but there's not been much work on it elsewhere that I can find. I did have to meet some problems head on in my work with EARL (RDF test evaluation language).
  • EmbeddingRDFinHTML - I've got to start working on data-view. It's a neat idea, and it's eminently hackable... I'm not sure why the whole issue isn't putting me into MadScientistMode anymore.
  • VocabDesignTips - I started on this a while ago with SW Hints and Tips, but that was too centralized. Let's try again in a collaborative space.

Hmm. There's probably a lot more stuff to add. @@!