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"res" is uriReg:schemeName of [
  is uriReg:specifies of [
    = <http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/networking/predefined/res.asp>;
    dc:title """Res Protocol""";
    dc:creator [
      dca:agentName "Microsoft Corporation"];
    dc:date "1999";    dc:date "1998-06-11"; ];
  rdfs:comment """
     In every installation of win98, under 
     C:\WINDOWS\WEB\Wallpaper you'll find a file called "windows98.htm" 
     that contains the line: 
     <IMG SRC="res://membg.dll/membg.gif" BORDER=0 WIDTH=329 HEIGHT=47>""";

This looks like a case of UriSpaceSquatting.----

See also other UriSchemes.

We're using NotationThree here, assuming TheUsualPrefixes.