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The www-rdf-calendar announcement of April 2001 resulted from a shared interest in RdfCalendar at the Feb 2001 RDF Interest Group meeting. Following a workshop in Bristol, LibbyMiller and DanConnolly set up an RDF Calendar Workspace to manage an RDF Schema and and test collection. There is also a writeup on xml.com, July 2001, that provides a bit more background.

The RdfCalendar task force holds the occasional ScheduledTopicChat, announced to www-rdf-calendar and held in #rdfig on freenode (oops... ChannelsAreResourcesToo). The IRC logs and weblogs generally serve as meeting records, though summaries are sometimes mailed out.

Next meeting is ... someday... perhaps 1st week in March 2005 during/near SwigAtTp2005.

Meeting Records



We try to eat our own dogfood: calendar, 2003-04-23 calendar, 2003-04-09 calendar, 2003-03-26 calendar, 2003-03-12 calendar, 2003-02-26 calendar, 2003-02-12 calendar, 2003-02-05 calendar, 2003-01-22 calendar, 2003-01-15 calendar, 2003-01-08

agenda requests for upcoming meetings: