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These are shared notes from the Semantic Web Interest Group Meeting 28 Feb - 1 Mar 2005 during the W3C Technical Plenary. Please add anything you remember that's missing... photos, presentation materials, etc.

Libby's photos Monday Tuesday

Monday (chump notes, IRC log)

  • 9.00-9.30 Welcome and Introductions (DanBri, EricM slides, all)
  • 9.30-10:15 RDF query (DAWG) discussions
    • EricP - DAWG update
    • Chris Bizer - Named Graphs update incl. SPARQL
    • 10:15-10:45-orlaterish... coffee taking longer ... BREAK
    • 10:45-11:00 Jeremy Carroll - SW Best Practices work on Datatyping
  • 11:00-12:00
    • Guus - SW Best Practices Update
    • Lyn Stein - Why I am not teaching my students about the SW
    • Kendall Clark - RDF/SW interop w/ NASA
  • 11:45-12:00 TBA / discussion
  • 2:00-3:00pm
    • Bijan Parsia - Swoop and Filmtrust (30 mins)
    • Alistair Miles, CCLRC - SKOS and SWBP Porting Thesauri (30 mins)
  • 3:00-3:45pm LIGHTNING TALKS
    • Amit Sheth (Semagix, Inc.) - Real World apps (5-10 mins)
    • Frank Manola - SW Business Apps (5 mins)
    • Vipul Kashyap - Healthcare apps (5 mins)
    • Charles McCathie-Nevile - SW for Human Rights Documentation (5 mins)
    • Jeremy Carroll - RDF/A
    • WS-Policy
  • COFFEE 3:45pm-4:00pm
  • 4:00pm-5:00pm
    • Evan Wallace - Onto Definition Metamodel in OMG and SWBP (1/2 hr)
    • SIMILE Project by Ryan Lee, Stefano Mazzocchi, David Huynh (1/2 hr)

TUESDAY (chump notes, irc log)

  • Morning 9:00-10:30am(Labelling, filtering, trust and signing)
    • José Kahan - Signing RDF
    • Phil Archer - quality labels
    • Fumihiro KATO (Keio)- Trust with labelling
    • Dan Applequist - vodafone perspective
    • COFFEE 10:30-11:00am
    • Discussion
  • LUNCH 12:00-2:00pm
    • Bijan - WS-Policy (10 mins case study) (collect Bijan from DAWG room!)
    • Andreas Harth, DERI: Linking Semantically-Enabled Online Community Sites - SIOC Ontology - Presentation
    • Marja - Annotea and Firefox update
    • Tom Croucher - compound IFP discussion
    • COFFEE 3:30pm-4:00pm
    • Sandro - Rule workshop/Ontaria (?)
    • Patrick Stickler, Forum Nokia Meets the Semantic Web
    • Fabien Gandon, KmP: A Semantic Web Service for the Cartography of Competences in the Telecom Valley of Sophia Antipolis and Update on CORESE (conceptual graph based search engine) and its query language
    • ADJOURN 5:00pm

Before the meeting

The SWIG meeting at last year's W3C Technical Plenary was great.

This year's meeting announcement was sent 7 Feb 2005.

Annual SWIG meetings are a natural time to reconsider ideas that have been put on the back burner for a while, and to review whether things are going as planned. For example, RDF query and rules. DAWG's SPARQL spec has a CONSTRUCT mechanism that smells a lot like rules. If we had started both the WGs that were considered in Q4 2003 (query, rules), the DAWG could ask the rules WG if that was OK. But without a rules WG, community fora like www-rdf-rules and other MailingLists play an important role in scoping this work.

hoot! http-range-14-nocomment photo from the BP meeting Friday.