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RDF Interest Group: Face to face meeting 26/27 Feb 2001

This page documents the RDF Interest Group, 26-27 February 2001, which formed part of the Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event (Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA). IG members also attended the all-groups plenary on Wednesday 28th February. (announcement and further info).


As of $Id: Overview.html,v 1.44 2001/04/09 17:32:07 danbri Exp $ this document provides the following information about the meeting agenda and outcomes...


The goal of this RDF Interest Group meeting is to explore the role of the Interest Group within the new Semantic Web Activity, and particular establish mechanisms that connect ongoing developer experience with RDF back into the RDF standardisation process. This includes themes such as...


Monday, 26th Feb 2001

0900-0915  Welcome

0915-1030  Introductions and (up to 5?)-minutes each round the 
           table on goals for RDF and this meeting. 
           (?shorten to 1hr?)

1030-1045  Break

1045-1145  New Semantic Web Activity, 
           introducing Eric Miller (SW Activity lead)
             o Overview
             o RDF Core Working Group (Brian McBride, Dan Brickley)
             o Discussion

1145-1230  Overview of DAML (Mike Dean)

1230-1400  Lunch

1400-1500  RDF and other XML specifications (Jonathon Borden short talk)
           Discussion of RDF in context of...
             o XLink
             o XPointer
             o XML Schema datatypes (and DAML concrete types?)
             o P3P and (Appel Rule language)
             o CC/PP
             o ...

1500-1530  Break   

1530-1730  Developer Show and Tell 
	(10-20 presentations about works-in-progress, including:)
             o CWM / SWAP
             o Jena 
             o Redland
             o Squish
             o RuleML (Harold Boley)
             o Annotea (Eric P)
             o ...

Tuesday, 27th Feb 2001 [revised]

0900-1030 Developer Shows and Tell [continued]

1030-1100 Break


1200-1330 Lunch

Interest Table ideas & organizers:

1330-1500 Collaboration Opportunities

1500-1530 Break

1530-1630 Round Table - the future of RDF and the Interest Group

DanC: suggest regular IG "meetings" via irc

Task subgroup on converging data storage and APIs.

?Sublists for API, storage, abstract syntax
DanBri: when last polled, folk didn't want to subscribe to more lists.

Confirmed Attendees

Note: Registration closed 15 February 2001. Contact the IG chair by Feb 23 if you'd like to attend at short notice (or attend as an observer).

The following names were retrieved from the W3C meeting registration system...

Observers, late registrations etc

(ie. these weren't in the registration system last I looked)

Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com, BBN/DAML) will be attending, and has offered to provide an overview of the DAML work.

Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@mit.edu, MIT) will also be attending, particularly with an interest in the representation of rules (P3P, DAML, Semantic Web...).

Michaek Biezunski (Infoloom) and Steve Newcomb (Coolheads Consulting), from the XML Topic Maps community will be attending.

Others (a mix of late applicants and confusion caused by the meeting registration system) who are expected at the meeting:

Note: late applicants: If your name didn't go into the system before registration closed, please make yourself a name badge from the blanks that'll be available at the main desk.

Suggested Reading

The main expected reading for this meeting are the standing "main texts" for RDF developers (the 2 specs plus issue list) alongside the new Semantic Web Activity materials...

See also:

Logistics: Meeting place, Hotel, and Transportation details

We have been assigned the 'Somerset room'; there will be directions to the room available within the Royal Sonesta Hotel. We have one networked PC for presentations, plus several power-strips for personal laptops.

The meeting is hosted by the W3C at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. Refer to the main event page for more information about rates, location, and transportation details.

Continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments will be provided all five days. On monday/tuesday the Buffet Lunch is available 12:00-2:00 pm.

Related Meetings

Semantic Web Accessibility? The WAI Evaluation and Repair interest group meeting is happening nearby. The WAI ER group have recently begun detailed work on Evaluation and Repair Language (EARL), an RDF application (using N3 syntax). RDF IG observers are invited to their EARL discussions thursday morning (esp. between 9am and 10:30am). On friday 10:45-3:00 detailed breakout groups will look at EARL technicalities.

Meeting Outcomes

Links to presentation materials, minutes etc belong here. As of $Id: Overview.html,v 1.44 2001/04/09 17:32:07 danbri Exp $ the RDF IG meeting is inadequately documented.

Related resources (including links gathered from Aaron Swartz's informal notes from the meeting):

Dan Brickley, RDF IG chair, RDFCore WG co-chair
Brian McBride, RDFCore WG co-chair