Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event

26 February - 2 March 2001

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Venue - Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Royal Sonesta Hotel
5 Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Telephone: +1 617.806.4200, Reservations: +1 617.806.4255

Meeting Code: MIT-W3C
Discount Rate: $130
(plus tax) available until 8 February 2001, 5:00 pm EST

Hotel Reservation Details

A block of rooms have been reserved at the Royal Sonesta Hotel at a discount rate of $130 (plus tax) per night, single/double occupancy.  The discount rate will be offered from Sunday, 25 February through Saturday, 3 March 2001.  High speed Internet connections are available in guest rooms for a flat rate of $10.00 per night. (Laptop computers must be 10baseT equipped.).

The W3C will host a reception Wednesday evening, 28 February from 18:00-20:00 at the hotel.  Beverages and light hors d'ourvres' will be served. We encourage folks to take this opportunity to meet working group members from other W3C groups.

Transportation Details

Logan International Airport is the closest international airport to the meeting site.  The Royal Sonesta Hotel is located three miles from Logan.  The travel time between the airport and the hotel (meeting site) will vary between 30 minutes to one hour depending on traffic conditions.  Taxi fares will range between $18.00-$28.00.

Please Note:  All events will take place at the hotel. There is a large shopping mall, The Galleria, across the street so you will not need a car during the week.

There is a major road construction project going on in Boston called the "Big Dig."  For this reason, we recommend taking a taxi or public transportation rather than renting a car. If you prefer to rent a car, all major car rental companies have locations at Logan Airport (Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc.).


Ten meeting rooms have been reserved for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to accommodate W3C Working Group (WG) and Interest Group (IG) face to face meetings. Wednesday has been reserved for a Plenary. Everyone is encouraged to attend the plenary and to meet with other W3C groups during lunch and break times.  The Wednesday Technical Plenary will be open to all W3C Working Groups and Interest Groups. 

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Continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments will be provided all five days.

Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday: 12:00-2:00 pm - Buffet Lunch
  It will be at the discretion of group Chairs to decide when their groups will break for lunch, 12:00-1:00, 12:30-1:30, etc.

Wednesday: 12:00 - 1:30 pm - Served Lunch - BOF Tables

We have organized a 90 minute lunch so folks may have the opportunity to meet and discuss technical issues. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the registration desk if you would like to organize a lunch-time BOF discussion table. Please sign up early; there may be space limitations.

If you would like to organize an evening event, please work with the hotel directly.   Hotel Contact:  Caroline Weld, 617.806.4313, cweld@sonesta-boston.com.

MONDAY/TUESDAY, 26-27 February 2001

Group Name


Overlap Notes

P3P Specification 10 some overlap w/ XML Protocol, Encryption, XML Sig. and CC/PP
XSL 20  
XML Query (agenda) (Member only) 30 Don't want to overlap w/ XML Schema.  Would like to overlap w/ XSL.
Would like to have joint meeting with I18N.
I18N 10 Don't want to overlap w/ XHTML, CSS, Mobile, XML Core, WAI groups.
XML Protocol 38 Don't want to overlap w/ XML Schema or XML Query.
Forms 15 Don't want to overlap w/ XHTML.
CSS 15  
Device Independence/
Mobile Access IG
?/20 Mobile Access: Don't want to overlap w/ XHTML, CSS, DOM, P3P Spec., CC/PP, Device Independence.
RDF IG (agenda and further info) 30  

WEDNESDAY, 28 February 2001 - Plenary

All Plenary presentations will take place in the Grand Ballroom at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.  We will begin between 8:30-9:00 am and close around 5:30 pm. An agenda is available.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY, 1-2 March 2001

Group Name


Overlap Notes

XML Schema 30  
DOM 20 Want to overlap w/ XML Schema.
HTML (XHTML) 15-17 Don't want to overlap w/ Forms, CSS, I18N, XML Plenary.
WAI CAG 10-15 Cannot meet Mon/Tues.
WAI User Agent 8-9 Joint mtg. w/ WCAG/ATAG, Joint mtg. w/ ERT and ATAG, Joint mtg. w/ WAI Protocols and Formats, Mobile Computing and VB. Half day for UA to meet by itself for future planning.
WAI ERT 10 Joint mtg. w/ Authoring Tools.
WAI Authoring Tools 8-12 Joint mtg. w/ WAI ERT.
XML Core 10-15 Don't want to overlap w/ XML Protocol, XSL.
SYMM 20 Don't want to overlap w/ XHTML.
Encryption 20-35 Don't want to overlap w/ XML Protocol, only meet one day (Thur. March 1) so as to provide minimal overlap with Schema.


**Susan Westhaver will be on maternity leave as of Friday, 16 February 2001. Please forward questions regarding the event to Amy van der Hiel, amy@w3.org.


Group Responses

YES Responses: 19 Groups.

The groups below have agreed to hold a face to face meeting in conjunction with a W3C Plenary.  New Groups: Device Independence and Encryption.

User Interface
XForms, HTML, I18N, XSL, SYMM, Mobile Access IG/Device Independence, CSS

DOM, XML Query, XML Schema, XML Core, XML Protocol

Technology & Society
P3P Specification, RDF IG

WCAG, ERT, User Agent, Tool Accessibility Guidelines

DECLINED: XML Linking, DSig IG, XML-Signature

NO Reply Received

User Interface
CC/PP, Voice Browser, Math, SVG

TV Web IG, XML Plenary IG, Web Characterization

Technology & Society
Patent Policy, P3P Policy & Outreach, Electronic Commerce IG, Micropayments Markup, Micropayments API, RDF Model & Syntax, RDF Schema.
    Note: The P3P Implementation & Deployment and P3P Preferences groups have closed.

Education & Outreach, Protocols & Format, WAI IG

Susan Westhaver, W3C Meeting Planner

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