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First implementation of Timing Object draft spec

Hi all

I’ve created a new repository¬†for the Multi-device Timing Community Group.

The repository now holds a near-complete JavaScript implementation of the Timing Object draft spec. The repository additionally includes key tools and concepts to use with the TimingObject when programming timed web-applications.

  • timing converters for chaining timing objects.
  • sequencing tools (Sequencer, IntervalSequencer, SetPointCallback, SetIntervalCallback)
  • mediasync for synchronization of HTML5 media.

Support for timing providers are currently not included (but will be quite soon, thereby opening up for multi-device timing).

The timing object with associated concepts effectively define a new programming model for precisely timed web-pages and web-applications. Even without support for precise distributed timing and control (through timing providers) it should still represent a significant improvement on state of the art. Further improvement to synchronization of HTML5 Media likely requires timing support from Web browsers.

You are all invited to start playing with this programming model – and to share your feedback with the group. The code is licensed under LGPL.

The current implementation deviates from the spec on a few minor points. For some of these points I’ll be suggesting changes to the spec. I’ll come back to this later though.



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