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T.3 Timed Data

The Multi-device Timing Community Group aims to facilitate precise playback and control of timed data, i.e. timed subtitles, timed cues, timed events, timed triggers etc.

A section of the timing object draft specification is concerned with sequencing of timed data.

This proposes the introduction of a new TimedTextTrack as an extension of the existing TextTrack concept. Crucially, the TimedTextTrack is directed by a TimingObject instead of a HTMLMediaElement.

In addition, the Multi-device Timing Community Group makes available an open-source JavaScript implementation of a generic Sequencer for timed data, integrated with TimingObject. The Sequencer is similar, but not identical to the proposed TimedTextTrack in function and API.

A more detailed introduction to sequencing of timed data is available here



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