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Welcome to Web Payments Charter Development CG

I’m very happy to launch this new community group which is a first step towards a Web Payments activity at W3C. This group was formed following-up on the W3C Workshop on Web Payments that took place in Paris, 23-24 March 2014. The participants highlighted the need to improve the overall Web Payments ecosystem, and the potential role of W3C in this area (read the Workshop Report).

Our objective with this new community group (CG) is to proceed with the recommended actions from the workshop participants and develop in an open and inclusive way the charter of the W3C Web Payments Steering Group (W3C Interest Group). This CG will have a short life time and will be closed when this future group is launched.

In terms of roadmap, in order to bootstrap the discussion, we will develop a very first draft of the charter in the next 15 days and then start an iterative process to refine and develop it till all participants are happy to move on and start the work, and till we have reached a critical mass of commitments to join the future group from representatives from key stakeholder groups of the payments ecosystem.

Participants of the CG are expected to review and contribute to the charter and promote and advertise the work done in the group in their network. For those who didn’t participate in the original workshop in Paris, it would be essential to read the workshop report to get a sense of the objectives of the future group.


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