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Introduction – Gérard Dupont

Hi folks,

Few lines to introduce myself and my possible contributions to this group. So I’m a research engineer in big company (no link here since my participation to this group is a personal initiative). I’m working mainly on specialized search-engines for professional and as part of this I’m deeply impacted by web and semantic standards.

I have few skills in the conception and development of web application consuming web data and including NLP, semantic processing and media processing. I also did a phd in interactive information retrieval where I learned some stuff on machine learning, user interaction and how to monitor and measure user engagement and experience.
If I had to choose one contribution, that would be design recommendation to make a web application easy to exploit when one is willing to do either data scrapping and processing or simply user interactions and engagement monitoring. But I found about this group mainly through link to a “web standard reference” and contributing to this objective will be enough already.

Hope I could give a hand on one subject or another.


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