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Minutes, July 27th, 2021


During its early meetings, the group worked on what TDM means in practice, the vocabulary to be used during the project, the goals and requirements for a technical solution, created several use cases and compiled a set of past and existing initiatives with a similar scope.

The group then agreed on three alternative technical solutions for expressing the reservation of TDM rights: one based on http headers, another based on a file hosted on the origin server, and a third based on html meta tags. These three solutions correspond to different situations and technical skills. 

In May, the group defined a machine readable TDM policy which details how a rightsholder can be contacted and conditions in which a TDM license can be acquired. It was agreed that TDM Policies would be defined as a profile of ODRL 2.

In June, a complete draft of specification ( was written, which includes details like the priority by which the 3 techniques must be processed by TDM Agents.

Participants: Giulia, Robin, Claudio, Laurent

Agenda: discuss specification details

Issue #18: the order in which TDM Agents must check the 3 possible techniques have been integrated in the spec. The participants to the call are confortable with the proposal, but it is important that other participants check this in details. 

Issue #20 is about tdm property values in case of protocol errors. The draft specification considers that if there is a protocol error, tdm-reservation is considered unset. In this case the TDM Agent will act as if the rightsholder had not provided any information. This is especially true if tdm-reservation = 2 but tdm-profile is not set. 

tdm-reservation = 2 indicates that “tdm rights are reserved and a policy is available”. If we consider that a missing (or unreachable) tdm-profile is not a protocol error, then it would be simpler to suppress this value 2 and keep only value 1 with an optional tdm-profile. In such a case, when the policy is not set or unreachable, the TDM Actor must simply not process the content during this round of scraping. Issue #23 was open to discuss this aspect. 

There will be no call in August, therefore please use Github issues to discuss the draft specification, which will be updated at least once during August.

The next call of the group is planned on September 7th, at the usual time (3 pm UTC) , via the usual Zoom (ask details to the chairs if needed). 

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