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Notes, April 4th, 2023

The TDMRep Community Group had its first 2023 call on April 4th. Several new members of the CG joined the call, from the International Association of STM Publishers, the CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) and Taylor & Francis Group.

It was the opportunity to remind members about some useful links:

Several threads of discussion will be developed during the coming months:

a) about the relationship between our work and AI/ML training, especially in the scope of Generative AI.

We will ask the EU Commission if they have a view about the applicability of Article 4 of the DSM Directive to AI/ML training. We will also try to get direct information about this issue from the publishers community and legal experts in the field of digital publishing technologies.

b) about a possible addition of usage details to the TDMRep specification.

We will study if we there is a requirement from publishers/rightholders to differentiate between different usages of their content in the framework of AI, e.g. allow AI/ML training or allow all but Generative AI training. Other working groups – namely C2PA and the IPTC – are taking this approach.

c) about the inclusion of “opt-out” information inside content items.

Several publishers have expressed a requirement to attach their “opt-out” decision to the content they publish. Several working groups – especially C2PA and the IPTC – are working on adding usage rights to PDF, JPEG and other types of files.

We will study if we should extend our specifications to support this use case, or if we should rather keep a liaison with other working groups and make so that our respective specifications are compatible (and therefore complementary).

In the short term, we will ask representatives of C2PA and IPTC to present their current work to our community group during the next two calls. These calls will be announced to the group members on the mailing list.

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