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Minutes, June 1st, 2021


During its early meetings, the group worked on what TDM means in practice, the vocabulary to be used during the project, the goals and requirements for a technical solution, created several use cases and compiled a set of past and existing initiatives with a similar scope.

Then, the group agreed on three alternative technical solutions for expressing the reservation of TDM rights: one based on http headers, another based on a file hosted on the origin server, and a third based on html meta tags. These three solutions correspond to different situations and technical skills. The priority in which these techniques should be processed by TDM Agents is still to be decided.

During recent meetings, the group defined a machine readable TDM policy which details how a rightsholder can be contacted and conditions in which a TDM license can be acquired. It has been agreed by the group that TDM Policies will be defined as a profile of ODRL 2 and a detailed proposal has been written.

Participants: Tzviya, Jean-Baptiste, Robin, Giulia, Laurent

Agenda: discuss open issues

Issue #15, Should the vcard prefix be explicitly declared?
It is closed, as it has been tested that re-defining the vcard prefix in Policy instances is not useful.

Issue #13, Which domain name for the ODRL profile used for TDM Policies?
The W3C management accepts the use of the W3C domain name for identifying the properties defined in the Policy specification. We will now have to work on the details of which URL is chosen.

Issue #14, Should we merge the file on the origin server with the ODRL TDM Policy?
The current comment do not allow to reach a consensus. During the dicussion it appears that the participants to the call are in favor to keep separate both structures, as it keeps a clean separation between the core deliverable of the group (related to the Article 4 of the DSM) and the optional & advanced feature (offering TDM Policies). The final choice will be done during the next meeting.

Issue #16, Property names and values of TDM-a and TDM-b
The beauty contest is open, several ideas are exchanged during the call, we’ll make a choice during the next meeting.

Next steps:

The chairs will now start writing a detailed specification, using the W3C document style and tools (respect). The drafts will be discussed during the summer and we should be able to finalize it in October 2021.
As soon as property names are chosen, interested parties can start prototyping, by setting TDM properties on one side, by developing test scripts on the other side. We hope being able to demo the result by October also.

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