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Next steps, let’s talk

Giulia and I had a quick call, to discussed a practical path to the next steps of our work. Here is our proposal:

1/ Study if “the use of data for the purposes of training an AI/ML model” is the same thing as “the use of data for the purposes of data mining”, especially in the scope of the EU DSM Directive. For that we need access to document formalizing the position of experts in this field, we need lawyers around the table, and the opinion of EU Commission people would be welcome.

2/ Discuss if we should apply evolutions to the specification in order to embed TDMRep properties in different types of resources (images, PDF and EPUB come to minds). One important question is what should be found in such resources: TDMRep properties (as we defined them) or detailed usage rights information (as the IPTC is defining them)?

3/ If the answer to issue 2 is “yes we should embed TDMRep properties in resources”, then how should we embed them? (XMP comes to minds there).

Could we start with issue 1? AI and LLMs are the big thing currently, and there is traction for protecting artistic content against free commercial use in AI products.

We therefore propose to held a Zoom call on this topic on April 4th, 14 UTC (16:00 CEST), using this URL:

Please indicate if you’re willing to join, and if you have a specific expertise in the AI vs TDM field.

Best regards, Laurent LE MEUR

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