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First Published Use Cases

We are executing on our mission to “gather practical, business oriented, use cases focused on high value transactions to influence and improve existing social standards in order to foster the growth and adoption of social standards in enterprise solutions.”

Today we publish the first 2 use cases in our queue.

One applies social concepts to improve a business process found in all companies – procurement.  This use case addresses a typical challenge – it is impossible to identify all relevant parties who could improve or accelerate a process, ahead of time. The Business Process Visibility Use Case

The second explores social patterns applied to software development (DevOps). Using relationships across people and systems to improve communications of significant events in the product development process. The Continuous Integration Use Case.

Although very different use cases, they both employ social business standards, and identify standards requirements that are now being explored with the relevant standards organizations.

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2 Responses to First Published Use Cases

  • The implicit relationships that can be derived through Social technologies to determine candidate participants who can help in a work-flow is a huge area that can improve productivity. CEO study recently released indicated that more ‘open’ systems improved company productivity by 30% – Social Business has a role to play in that.



  • One question that we deal with most often is “What are the primary use cases for social business software in an enterprise.” And it is indeed the most intelligent question to ask. Here is the short and sweet answer. Any thing more than this, in our opinion, in unnecessary marketing talk

    – Collaboration and Knowledge exchange among employees and partners
    – Enterprise communication: Chatting, micro blogging, discussions, forums
    – Social networking and Expert search and reach out
    – User profiles and personal information management
    – Project and tasks management


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