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Script Library Community Group

A forum for improved communication between script library authors and users, and W3C working groups working on relevant specifications.

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Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

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API Design Cookbook by Robin Berjon

From the readme:

This is a cookbook produced jointly at W3C by:

* The Script Library Community Group (
* The Device APIs Working Group (
* The WebApps Working Group (

Its goal is to document common practices in the production of Web APIs for usage in JavaScript.
We are shying away from calling these “Best Practices” for two reasons:

* Sometimes there are several options and picking one is a matter of tradeoffs rather than
obvious superiority.
* It is possible that some options may not be the best in an ideal “start from scratch” world,
but are nevertheless the ones recommended here for consistency with the rest of the platform.

We are also refraining from calling these “patterns”. Our goals are more concrete than that.

Broad feedback from everyone is very much desired. If you are interested, please join the
Script Library Group (it is not just open but also friendly to all). Details can be found at