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Read Write Web — Q4 Summary — 2017


TPAC 2017 kicked off in California, achieving its highest attendance to date, with some saying it may have been the best TPAC ever.  Extensive Strategic Highlights were also published.

HTML 5.2 is now a recommendation, with HTML 5.3 coming.  Work on payments made progress with some demos presented at money 20/20.  There was also a nice look ahead to 2018 and semantic web trends from Dataversity.

A slight pickup in activity this quarter in the community group.  With around 75 messages, almost double the previous quarter.  More details below.

Communications and Outreach

Aside from Fedora, there was some outreach this quarter with CERN, where it all began, with a view to possibly reuse Web Access Control.


Community Group

In the CG there were calls for team members with Sebastian Samagura starting a project.  An announcement of the Fedora API Spec CR and a fantastic post by Ruben entitled, “Paradigm Shifts for the Decentralized Web“.



By convention it’s been decided to try to add the ‘solid-app’ tag to new and existing apps for the solid platform, which will hopefully allow apps to become searchable.  One new app, twee-fi, was written from scratch quite quickly and seems to work with all our servers.  There is a general move to patch existing apps to follow this pattern so that both OIDC and TLS auth can be leveraged.

There have been updates to rdflib.js, solid-ui and solid-app-set.  I also made a small console based playground, solid-libraries, that shows how these libraries fit together, and allows a few commands as examples.  Additionally I have started trying to patch apps to use the new auth system starting with the pastebin tutorial.  Hopefully more apps will be patched this quarter.

Last but not Least…

The OWL Time ontology is now a W3C REC. The ontology provides a vocabulary for expressing facts about topological (ordering) relations among instants and intervals, together with information about durations, and about temporal position including date-time information.

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