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Installing The Tabulator

What is Tabulator?

The Tabulator project is a generic data browser and editor.  With this technology you are able to view Linked Data, drill into specific details of that data, and send updates to the Web.

Why Should I Use Tabulator?

The Original WorldWideWeb Browser / Editor

The very first browser for the web (actually called WorldWideWeb) was actually both a browser and an editor.  The reason for this is that the vision of the web was to be an interactive experience, rather than, read only.  Indeed, the term we use today, “Browser”, implies read but not write.  The tabulator project aims to change that.

How Do I Install Tabulator?

One way to install tabulator is as a firefox extension.  This involves downloading and making the source then putting a line in your extensions directory.

git clone --recursive
cd tabulator-firefox
for i in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/extensions/ ; do echo $PWD > $i/ ; done

How Do I Use Tabulator?

If tabulator is working, you should see the “Data Browser” entry in your Tools menu.  Another place you can start to browse data is from any vocabulary.

Click To view a Sample Vocabulary

Click To view a Sample Profile

What’s Next?

This was a basic tutorial on how to install the Tabulator.  In later series I’ll show how it can be used to create and edit data, to run various panes, and to use a client side social network as part of the federated social web.

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