The Tabulator

The Tabulator project is a generic data browser and editor. Using outline and table modes, it provides a way to browse RDF data on the web. RDF is the standard for inter-application data exchange.

You can use it in two ways

As a Firefox Add-on

The tabulator extension is a Firefox extension which allows Firefox to handle data as well as documents. Install it from the tabulator extension page

As a web application

The tabulator online version is a set of open source Javascript scripts ("AJAX") which can run in any web page to add data browsing. It currently runs with Firefox, (or as an Opera Widget) and requires Firefox preferences to be set -- see the tabulator help page or the sidebar on the right.

The Tabulator is open source under the W3C software license.

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For Developers:

Thanks to all those who have provided feedback, code patches etc.

Data links

Only if you have a data browser, such as ffox+Tabulator extension, installed.