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Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (August 2012)


This month, 10,000 hackers  gathered, at CampusParty Berlin where an excellent keynote was delivered by timbl.  From my notes, there seemed to be some excitement about the maturing of the Open Web Platform, HTML5, and encouragement to deploy apps to the Web, and become “part of the discourse of humanity”.

A happy birthday is in order, as W3C Community Groups (including this one) celebrate their first birthday!  The W3C is accepting feedback in general, so if you have comments please take time to fill in the questionnaire.

Despite holiday season, there has been some productive discussion on hot topics of delegation, access control and the application space.

Communications and Outreach

RWW Community Group welcomes new members, including Manu Sporny, chair of the W3C Payments Group, and also the DERI institute, the European powerhouse partially behind LOD2, and many other linked data projects.

Community Group

Thanks to Sebastian Tramp, Henry Story, Andrei Sambra and others for putting forth an excellent paper on Delegation.  Much to be digested there as the conversation advances.

Great work also from bergi on Triple Access Control and UAC.


A very early proof of concept for a Web Application Market is released which will hopefully help to : showcase apps, allow payments and let users add more functionality to their existing social nets.  The dev payswarm system is already integrated via the wordpress plugin and it’s possible to pay for apps as a proof of concept.  More work to be done on this shortly.

MyProfile as also announced the first version of its REST API.

And just for fun I made a little post about how you can webize an simple HTML5 app, “doodle jump“, with just a few lines of code.

Last but not least…

Great work from the team at crypto stick who have created an open source hardware solution to allow secure login via PKI to Outlook, TrueCrypt, Thunderbird, Evolution, GnuPG.  As X.509 is now supported, that means it’s possible to log in via a hardware dongle using your WebID.  Looking forward to seeing the first demos of this!

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